Faculty Council Meeting 2014 | 02

Minutes of the meetings will be bilingual in the sense that interventions and motions will be reported in the language in which they were made.

Minutes of the meeting held Mon Apr 14, 2014 1:00 p.m. in Room CBY A-707

Officers of the Faculty: C. Laguë (Dean), S. Tavoularis (Interim Vice Dean Research), M. Turcotte (Vice Dean Undergraduate Studies), J. Zhang (Vice Dean International Affairs), I. Nistor (Vice Dean Graduate Studies), T. Lethbridge (Vice-Dean Governance), B. Jodoin (Chair MCG), C. D’Amours (Director, EECS).

Professors: O. Baranova, M. Dubé, C. Lan, B. Kruczek, S. Omelon, H. Aoude, M. Fall , M. Mohareb, J. Infante Sedano, C. Rennie, C. Adams, T. Tran, K. Dolgaleva, W. Gueaieb, K. Hinzer, J. Lang, V. Dujmovic, S. Shirmohammadi., B. Dhillon , I. Catelas, M. Doumit, E. Lanteigne, M. Nganbe.

Students: Md Mahmud Hasan (EECS-ELG)

Officers of the Faculty: S. Vanapalli (Chair CVG), D. Taylor (CHG), H. Viktor (EECS-CSI), S. Gandolfini (Chief Administrative Officer). Professors: E. Dubois, P. Galko.

Students: Sean Billings (EECS), Maryam Hubeeb Alshebab (EECS), Ishan Mehta (EECS-CSI).

Officers of the Faculty: none.

Professors: H. Anis.

Students: Doungous Egrey Mahamat (EECS), Alexandra Lavictoire (CVG), Mohammad Raei (EECS).

14.02.01 Approval of the agenda

The agenda was approved.

14.02.02 Minutes of the last meeting (Feb 4)

The minutes of the last meeting had been approved by email.

14.02.03 Matters arising from the minutes

Our Faculty's team in the Consulting Engineering Competition at the Canadian Engineering Competition that was held at Western University in March came in second place and will be one of two student teams representing Canada in the International Engineering Competition in Calgary.

Professional development courses to be offered by various faculty members are in the planning stage and are to start next fall.

Assignment of duties to faculty members for 2014-15 was completed in February.

Five of our programs are to have a CEAB accreditation visit in the Fall. Our self-evaluation has to be submitted by October 10th and the visit will take place on November 23 – 25, 2014.

The 3-year resource planning exercise, part of the Destination 2020 strategic planning exercise, is ongoing.
The Faculty had made a request to secure a recurring increase in our operating budgets between $1M - $3M. The justification was based on our growth rate and the fact that our per-student averages for various metrics are lower than the Ontario and Canadian averages. We have been allocated a one-time increase of $300K to invest in teaching labs, four additional support staff positions and two regular faculty positions earmarked for CVG and CHG.

14.02.04 Report of the Dean

The Faculty Teaching Personnel Committee and the Executive Committee of the Faculty have developed guidelines to better inform professors about expectations for tenure and promotion. These are not criteria.

The Faculty is submitting a proposal for an NSERC Chair in Engineering Design on the unique topic of Entrepreneurial Engineering Design.

There will be a facilitated retreat of the Executive and selected coordinators at the end of May. The agenda includes changes to the action plan and development of a shared leadership plan.

Last week there was the official opening of the Brunsfield Engineering Student Projects and Entrepreneurship Centre on the Lees Campus. Dr. Dato Gan, the Centre's benefactor, renewed his support for five years. Dr. Gan also attended the the Fuelling Innovation event, which targeted corporate donors, and was our guest speaker at the Entrepreneurship Bridges Lecture.

14.02.05 Report of the Interim Vice-Dean (Research)

The Interim Vice-Dean has studied the various layers of research facilitation.

The Interim Vice-Dean emphasized that presentation is important in research proposals, and that researchers should request reviews before submitting their proposals. Requests for waiver of overhead should be made in advance of application submission.

For those with active CFI projects there are Infrastructure Operating Funds grants. CFI now allows awarding of these funds for the length of the life of the equipment. The Faculty will be handling the processing of these expenses.

The Tri-Council has established a framework for conduct of research.

A delegation from the University of Lyon recently visited. They signed an agreement for a laboratory on catalysis. There was interest expressed in further collaboration with UOttawa, including exchanges of graduates, undergraduates and professors. However, we are constrained by CEAB regarding the amount of time students can spend off campus on exchanges.

There has been a flurry of research proposals in programs such as Create, ORF, CFI and MRI. Cathy Stafford will be assisting teams applying for Create and ORF.

14.02.06 Report of the Vice-Dean (Undergraduate Studies)

The Vice-Dean submitted a written report, attached.

The Vice-Dean met with representatives from the registrar's office to discuss registration. CVG and CHG are currently lower than last year. Acceptances are currently fluctuating a lot. We have increased the admission average for many programs; there has therefore been a slowdown of growth in these programs.
We will have a better idea of the situation after Easter.

ELG has an increase of 41% in admission offers. Some of this increase is due to students being given an 'alternative' offer, when not accepted into other programs.

Offers to international Francophones have increased 200%, although the numbers in real terms are somewhat small. To avoid frustrating these students, the Vice-Dean is sending a letter explaining the extent to which courses are offered in French.

14.02.07 Report of the Vice-Dean (Graduate Studies)

NSERC Doctoral Scholarships have been announced; we have the highest success rate in the university.

Ranking of scholarship applications are now being done at the program level.

OGS masters scholarships have also been announced.

The NSERC masters scholarship allocation was much lower this year.

The CSC scholarships had 19 applicants.

There will be 5 full International scholarships and 9 partial scholarships. International Francophones will only qualify for partial scholarships.

There have been a lot of complaints from graduate students with respect to supervision. The Vice-Dean urged professors to document such issues in their annual progress reports.

There has been an avalanche of M.Eng. graduate students. For M.Eng. international students, admission will only be granted at a GPA of 8.0 and above. There is also work underway to put in place rules to prevent M.A.Sc. students admitted with lower averages from later transferring to the M.Eng. programs.

The Vice-Dean discussed current applications and enrollment statistics. We are expecting a record year again.

The Vice-Dean suggested that department heads forward scholarship rankings to faculty members in their unit.

14.02.08 Report of the Vice-Dean (International)

The 3+2 project has interviewed about 150 students in collaborating universities; the students also took an English test. About 110 students were encouraged to apply for admission, and we are expecting about 60 in the fall. This is a little lower than last year because we are aiming for higher quality and also because engineering management now requires two years of experience.

The 3+2 program has attracted attention elsewhere in the university, and at other Canadian universities.

The Faculty continues to diversify the program to other countries.

We are in the process of establishing a joint lab with Tianjin University.

The Vice-Dean recently met delegates from India, China and Malaysia.

14.02.09 Discussion

There was none.
The meeting was adjourned at 14:11.

Timothy C. Lethbridge
Vice-Dean (Governance)

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