Executive Committee Meeting 2019.09

InformationThe minutes of the meetings will be bilingual in the sense that the interventions and proposals will be made in the language in which they were made.

Faculty of Engineering Executive Committee Meeting 2019.09

10:30 Nov 13, 2019, in room CBY 707


  • J. Beauvais (Dean)
  • M. Dubé (Vice-Dean, Research)
  • M. Labrosse (Vice-Dean, Undergraduate Studies)
  • L. Peyton (Vice-Dean, Graduate Studies)
  • D. Taylor (Vice Dean, Quality Assurance & Teaching Innovation)
  • T. Lethbridge (Vice-Dean, Governance)
  • C. D’Amours, (Director, EECS)
  • C. Adams (EECS – CSI)
  • B. Kruczek (Chair, CHG)
  • C. Rennie (Chair, CVG)
  • N. Baddour (Chair, MCG)
  • F. Bouchard (Manager of Outreach)
  • V. Samson (Manager of Marketing and Communications)
  • H. Howes (Manager of Development)
  • S. Gandolfini (Chief Administrative Officer)
  • L. Roy (Assistant to the Dean)


  • J. Zhang (Vice Dean, International)
  • K. Bournes (Alumni Relations Officer)

19.09.01 Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was approved.

Written reports were circulated from the Vice Deans of Research and Graduate Studies, the Manager of Outreach, the Alumni Relations Officer, the Manager of Marketing and Communications, and the Chief Administrative Officer.

19.09.02 Minutes of the last meeting (October 2019)

The minutes of the previous meeting had been approved electronically.

19.09.03 Business arising

There was none.

19.09.04 Update from the Dean


The Dean has been encouraging the CIO, Martin Bernier, to arrange for a dashboard regarding Cybersecurity. Jean-Ray Arsenault prepared a presentation that the Dean showed to the Executive. There is an ongoing program for Digital Self-Defense Training. 58% of support staff, and 9% of faculty members and research staff have completed this training.

Phishing problems continue with certain accounts compromised, and certain people impersonated. A phisher sent a faked single-signon screen.

STEM Update

There are still people moving in to the STEM building. The Dean has expressed his expectations regarding improved services needed from Facilities to the Vice-President Resources.

The windows replacement is still on track.

Health and Safety update

The Fume Hoods were shut down for planned maintenance.

Honorary Doctorates

There is nobody left in our Faculty’s queue. The Dean encourages anyone in our Faculty to nominate eminent engineers and computer scientists.

African Universities Mission

Fourteen high-level representatives of African universities visited. In Africa, there is a need in all areas of engineering, but there is a particular need for civil engineers, due to growing population and the resulting need to build infrastructure.

Other matters

The budget was submitted on Monday.

Several graduate programs will be coming to Senate soon.

19.09.05 Members of Senate

On a motion duly moved and seconded, Faculty Executive approved to nominate Claude D’Amours and Balbir Dhillon for a seat on Senate.

These nominations will be presented to all Faculty, asking for additional nominations. All nominations will be put to a vote at Faculty Council.

19.09.06 Questions relating to written reports

There was discussion of rebranding.

We need to project an image of CHG that ensures environmental issues are made clear, since there has been a downturn in interest in CHG programs.

We analysed our ranking in terms of average installment of Discovery Grant amounts from 2015 to 2017 and then from 2016 to 2018. There has been an improvement in these rolling numbers, but we need to improve further to compete with other universities.

At the NCDEAS meeting; there was an agreement to change its name to Engineering Deans Canada. The Dean pointed out that at other faculties of Engineering, it is taken for granted that every university has teaching streams. Most universities have micro-credentials in their engineering programs.

December 6th there will be various ceremonies to commemorate the Ecole Polytechnique shooting.

There was discussion of ensuring professors and students are aware of the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP). There have not been many applicants. The Women in Engineering program is also seeking strong applicants.

New brochures for our research themes are available.

Our Undergraduate Ceremony of Excellence, Demo Day, Design Day, the Graduate Ceremony of Excellence, the Chancellors Debate and a Recruitment Day in Kanata are coming up.

The process of sending offers of admission will be expedited. Application numbers are already up compared to last year.

19.09.07 Adjournment

The meeting ended at 11:47.

Timothy C. Lethbridge, Vice-Dean (Governance)

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