Executive Committee Meeting 2019.07

InformationThe minutes of the meetings will be bilingual in the sense that the interventions and proposals will be made in the language in which they were made.

Faculty of Engineering Executive Committee Meeting 2019.07

9:00 September 11, 2019, in room CBY 707


  • J. Beauvais (Dean)
  • M. Dubé (Vice-Dean, Research)
  • M. Labrosse (Vice-Dean, Undergraduate Studies)
  • L. Peyton (Vice-Dean, Graduate Studies)
  • J. Zhang (Vice Dean, International)
  • D. Taylor (Vice Dean, Quality Assurance & Teaching Innovation)
  • T. Lethbridge (Vice-Dean, Governance)
  • C. D’Amours (Director, EECS)
  • C. Adams (EECS – CSI)
  • C. Rennie (Chair, CVG)
  • N. Baddour (Chair, MCG)
  • B. Kruczek (Chair, CHG),
  • K. Bournes (Alumni Relations Officer)
  • F. Bouchard (Manager of Outreach)
  • V. Samson (Manager of Marketing and Communications)
  • H. Howes (Manager of Development)
  • L. Roy (Assistant to the Dean)


  • S. Gandolfini (Chief Administrative Officer)

19.07.01 Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was approved.

Written reports were circulated from the Vice Deans of Undergraduate Studies, Research, Graduate Studies and the Managers of Outreach and of Marketing and Communications.

19.07.02 Minutes of the last meeting (June 2019)

The minutes of the previous meeting had been approved electronically.

19.07.03 Business arising

There was discussion about the frequency of updates from the vice deans at Executive meetings. It was agreed that each Vice-Dean would arrange with the Dean a time to give an annual report.

19.07.04 Update from the Dean

Health and Safety update

The Dean reported four incidents. A student doing fieldwork in August slipped and sustained a wrist injury. Two cases in the summertime related to tick bites while working in the field. During Welcome Week, a person slipped outside CBY.

STEM Update

The windows are being changed. Room 117 is scheduled to be closed for a short period at the end of September and early October. There was a question about our level of confidence that the new glass won’t also break: It was pointed out that the new glass is coming from a different supplier.

The Dean is looking into certain ventilation issues

Welcome Week

Welcome week went well. The Dean congratulated the ESS Executive.


There was discussion of the CEAB proposal for changing the accreditation system, and how to comment on this. It was agreed to try to develop a common reply from the Executive: Members agreed to read the report as well as the comments from Claude Laguë’s, Educator in Residence at Engineers Canada. Executive members will send their comments to the Vice Dean QATI.

Strategic Mandate Agreement

Starting next year, funding will depend on how the university meets various indicators. The Dean discussed the indicators that the institution will have to achieve, as specified by the Ontario Government.


This non-profit has developed online health and safety training materials for students. However, is not currently bilingual. There was a suggestion that uOttawa could take the lead in translation.

Envelope 2

Each Faculty has its own Envelope 2. We intend to use this in part to support hiring a Faculty Accreditation Officer. Part-time Professors and TAs are also high-priority items. We will have 11 more professors than in recent years and we need to support the extra activity these people generate.


There has been an increase in recent cyberattacks, particularly phishing (including legitimate-looking requests to pay bills).

Department chairs receiving new computers do not have administrative rights, which is blocking them from doing their job, particularly in their teaching and research capacities. The Dean will follow up with Michel Racine on this.

Honorary Doctorates

There was discussion of potential candidates.

uOttawa Strategic Action Plan

The university has been working on this over the summer, although it is not yet public and can’t be shared. The Dean will work on a way to arrange for input from the Executive.

Projected Images in Memory of the Polytechnique Shootings of Women Engineers

We are looking into using the new network of outdoor projectors during the anniversary. There was discussion about some ideas for what could be projected, in keeping with a ‘13’ theme.


We are on target regarding enrollment. There was discussion about factors such as the increasing proportion of international students, and the impact on graduate courses. There was discussion of co-op in graduate programs.

19.07.05 Follow-Ups to Written Reports

Vice-Dean Research

Overhead costs paid from grants are being reduced. The standard amount will be 20%, although not-for-profit contributions will range from 10-20%.

There was a short discussion about Early Research Awards.

Vice-Dean Graduate Studies

There was discussion of a workshop series for professional program students (non-thesis graduate students).

Alumni Relations

Homecoming is coming up Oct 4 and 5th. K. Bournes will forward information to the Executive

19.07.06 Matters to be considered in closed session

In a fraud case related to fraudulent medical certificates, Executive agreed with a prior recommendation from the Faculty of Science to give a student and F in a course, but it also voted to suspend the student for a period of two years as originally recommended by the Committee of Inquiry.

In a second fraud case related to materials brought into an exam, Executive agreed with the recommendation of the Committee of Inquiry to give a penalty of D+ to a student.

19.07.07 Adjournment

The meeting ended at 11:23

Timothy C. Lethbridge, Vice-Dean (Governance)

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