Executive Committee Meeting 2019.05

InformationThe minutes of the meetings will be bilingual in the sense that the interventions and proposals will be made in the language in which they were made.

Faculty of Engineering Executive Committee Meeting 2019.05

9:00 a.m. May 27, 2019, in room CBY 707


  • J. Beauvais (Dean),
  • M. Dubé (Vice-Dean, Research),
  • M. Labrosse (Vice-Dean, Undergraduate Studies),
  • D. Taylor (Vice Dean, Quality Assurance & Teaching Innovation),
  • T. Lethbridge (Vice-Dean, Governance),
  • C. D’Amours, (Director, EECS)
  • C. Adams (EECS – CSI)
  • C. Rennie (Chair, CVG),
  • B. Kruczek (Chair, CHG),
  • S. Gandolfini (Chief Administrative Officer),
  • K. Bournes (Alumni Relations Officer),
  • F. Bouchard (Manager of Outreach),
  • V. Samson (Manager of Marketing and Communications),
  • H. Howes (Manager of Development)


  • L. Peyton (Vice-Dean, Graduate Studies, Interim)
  • M. Bouchard (Vice Dean, International, Interim),
  • N. Baddour (Chair, MCG),
  • L. Roy (Assistant to the Dean)

19.05.01 Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was approved.

Written reports were circulated from the Vice Deans of Undergraduate Studies, Graduate Studies and Quality Assurance and Teaching Innovation, the Manager of Outreach, and the Chief Administrative Officer.

19.05.02 Minutes of the last meeting (April 2019)

The minutes of the previous meeting had been approved electronically.

19.05.03 Business arising

There was none.

19.05.04 Update from the Dean

Health and Safety update

There were two recent accidents: 1) A student touched a hot reactor while not wearing heat-resistant gloves. 2) A graduate student was weighing a chemical powder and blew some of the powder which resulted in it getting behind his eye protection, resulting in eye irritation. Follow-up is being performed to prevent future similar accidents.

University strategic planning exercise

The Dean participated in a presentation to the Board of Governors. The strategic action framework is being ‘tidied up’ in the next few days. The final document is expected to come to a vote of the Board of Governors at its June meeting, after passing through several committees and the Senate.

There was discussion of the Research Action plan which seems likely to not change.

New Faculty positions exercise

The Dean discussed the submission he made for the new faculty positions.

There was discussion of the university’s funding model and other financial matters.

19.05.05 New Business

2019 Faculty of Engineering Teaching Assistant awards

Faculty Executive approved the awarding of the 2019 Faculty of Engineering Teaching Assistant Award to Justine Boudreau.

Consideration of Minerva Health and Safety online courseware for adoption in undergraduate programs

Minerva is a volunteer-run non-profit that has created a set of resources for teaching health and safety. Topics also include law, ethics, and human factors. The program has 4 courses of 6-hours each. It was agreed to in principle that we should consider the program

19.05.06 Questions relating to written reports

Vice Dean Undergraduate

There was discussion of admissions, and certain recent administrative issues.

In general, we are going to admit numbers of students that are aligned with our targets, with a couple of exceptions.

The Dean discussed long-term admission trends and indicated that we need to do more planning for coming years.

19.05.07 Other business

It was pointed out that there are upcoming changes to Policy 21 (Travel) intended to simplify processes.

There was discussion of certain issues relating to donated funds targeted for lab equipment.

There was a discussion of the Indigenous program at Gloucester High School; this has been going on for three years.

19.05.08 Adjournment

The meeting ended at 11:04.

Timothy C. Lethbridge, Vice-Dean (Governance)

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