Executive Committee Meeting 2018.03

Faculty of Engineering Executive Committee Meeting 2018.03

1:30 p.m. March 21, 2018, in room CBY A-707


  • J. Beauvais (Dean)
  • M. Dubé (Vice-Dean, Research)
  • M. Turcotte (Vice-Dean, Undergraduate Studies)
  • J. Zhang (Vice-Dean, International Affairs)
  • D. Taylor (Vice Dean, Quality Assurance & Teaching Innovation)
  • L. Peyton (Vice-Dean, Governance)
  • C. D’Amours, (Director, EECS)
  • C. Rennie (Chair, CVG)
  • N. Baddour (Chair, MCG)
  • B. Kruczek (Chair, CHG)
  • C. Adams (EECS – CSI)
  • S. Gandolfini (Chief Administrative Officer)
  • V. Samson (Manager of Marketing and Communications)
    D. Rodas-Wright (Manager of Development)
  • F. Bouchard (Manager of Outreach)
  • L. Roy (Assistant to the Dean)
  • K. Bournes (Alumni Relations Officer)


  • Ioan Nistor (Vice Dean, Graduate Studies)

18.03.01 Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was approved.

18.03.02 Minutes of the last meeting (February 14, 2018)

The minutes of the previous meeting had been approved electronically.

18.03.03 Business arising


18.03.04 Report of Dean

Here is a brief summary of the Dean’s oral report Health and Safety

There were three incidents causing injuries to students in labs in February and March. No broken bones but two resulted in significant soft tissue injuries. Appropriate safety gear was worn (e.g. helmet, glasses, steel toe boots, gloves). All incidents have been reviewed to ensure appropriate safety equipment and procedures are in place and followed in the labs. As well a town hall was held with civil engineering students to discuss how to improve health and safety. Civil engineering will be setting up a health and safety committee which will include students, staff and professors. After the committee is successfully launched, other departments will be encouraged to follow suit. Changes are being made to Personal Protective Equipment regulations in the CVG labs. Some are effective immediately (safety glasses) while other will come into effect on May 1st (steel toe boots). The hard hat regulations will be reviewed.

It has been determined that the freight elevator can be repaired rather than replaced. Hopefully, this will be completed this summer.

The health and safety photo contest was a success with good participation by students. The three winners were announced. STEM Building Update

The STEM Building remains on schedule. The details of the move-in plan are being finalized. The first “launch” of the building is still targeted for April 30 with provincial/federal government officials. The following week there is a “launch” even being planned with alumni. Strategic Plan Update

The vice-deans have submitted some initial reports and comments, and the Dean will be following up with the Manager of Marketing and Communications to start the process. Michel Racine has a proposal for software to help mediate/facilitate the process. Budget

The proposed new budget under the new process has been received and there was an initial meeting with the architect of the new process and the finance team to discuss.  In the new process, faculties no longer carry a deficit or a surplus. Their budgets are always “in balance” as central finance only provides money as needed to cover approved expenses. As long as we are effective in following the new process this should be beneficial. For example, if we want to pursue a CRC chair we do not have to manage finances from our budget surplus, once we have made the business case for a CRC chair and it is approved, money will be provided from central finance.   Similarly, when someone retires or leaves a position, the position (and the money that supports it) is automatically reclaimed by the university. We will need to make the business case and get approval to refill. However, if we have a solid business case for a new position, then it should work more effectively to get that position approved and funded. In general, though, because of the current fiscal situation for the university, the budget will be tighter this year. Renovations, new professors, etc. have to be looked at in detail. There will be much less flexibility with TAs and part-time professors. We have to now submit monthly budget reports.

18.03.5 New Business Faculty’s internationalization strategy (Research, Programs)

VD Research circulated several documents from the university with respect to its internationalization strategy. Both the Internationalization office and the Research office are involved. Faculty of engineering has the most international students, but the university is not aware of international research initiatives in the faculty. There are several significant initiatives in other faculties. However, the faculty of engineering has more of a history of individual professors pursuing their own collaborations internationally. This should continue to be encouraged, but we will investigate how to leverage university support to increase our international presence in research.

VD International gave a presentation with respect to existing and planned international programs within the faculty. This included a discussion of current and planned internationalization at home initiatives. Visiting Professor / Researcher (internal process and guidelines)

Discussion of process for visiting professors and researchers including APUO and university professor. We are documenting our process (based on university guidelines) to ensure more consistency and quality in how these opportunities are managed. In particular, we need to ensure chair/directors are made aware and ensure that the process is respected. We will likely standardize a letter of notification to chair and letter of conditions to visiting professor/researcher. Archive ‘museum’ following cleaning of CBY and STE

We are in the process of updating appearance of hallways and public placing. Some of the things that are removed might be of historical interest that could be displayed in a nice way of interest to students and visitors.

18.03.6 Questions

Following written reports were submitted:

  • Vice-Dean Research
  • Vice-Dean Undergraduate Studies
  • Vice-Dean Quality Assurance and Technology Innovation
  • Manager Marketing and Communications
  • Manager Faculty Outreach

18.03.7 Matters to be discussed in closed session

An inquiry report was presented and discussed with respect to an academic fraud case. Given the gravity of the offense and given that the programs at the Faculty of Engineering are professional programs, accredited by the Canadian Engineering Acceditation Board (CEAB) and/or Computer Science Accreditation Council (CSAC), the recommendation was altered to be suspension for one academic year, starting Spring/Summer term 2018.

18.03.8 Next Meeting April 18, 2018

The meeting ended at 4:20 p.m.

Liam Peyton, Vice-Dean (Governance)

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