Executive Committee Meeting 2017.09

Faculty of Engineering Executive Committee Meeting 2017.09

9:00 September 6, 2017, in room CBY 707


  • J. Beauvais (Interim Dean),
  • M. Dubé (Vice-Dean, Research),
  • M. Turcotte (Vice-Dean, Undergraduate Studies),
  • I. Nistor (Vice Dean, Graduate Studies),
  • D. Taylor (Vice Dean, Quality Assurance & Teaching Innovation),
  • L. Peyton (Vice-Dean, Governance),
  • C. D’Amours, (Director, EECS),
  • C. Adams (EECS – CSI),
  • C. Rennie (Chair, CVG),
  • N. Baddour (Chair, MCG),
  • B. Kruczek (Chair, CHG)
  • S. Gandolfini (Chief Administrative Officer),
  • V. Samson (Manager of Marketing and Communications),
  • F. Bouchard (Manager of Outreach),
  • L. Roy (Assistant to the Dean).


  • J. Zhang (Vice-Dean, International Affairs),
  • D. Rodas-Wright (Manager of Development),
  • K. Bournes (Alumni Relations Officer).

17.09.01 Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was approved.

17.09.02 Minutes of the last meeting (June 21)

The minutes of the previous meeting had been approved electronically.

17.09.03 Business arising

A follow-up question was asked by C. Rennie to see if specific advisors had been assigned to specific programs as requested last meeting. The Vice-Dean Undergrad explained that there was not enough staff available to make this feasible. Two specialists are assigned to handle all programs and there are over 4000 students for them to support. The new information system is problematic as routine tasks that used to take a minute or two now take 20 minutes and require a complex sequence of steps. The Dean indicated that he and the Vice-Dean Undergrad would be meeting in the coming weeks to discuss the issues faced at the Undergraduate Office (triage, delays, services to departments, professors, and the overall student experience in general). They will report back to the executive committee at the next meeting.

Vice-Dean Research announced, as a follow-up to the discussion last time about needing more consultation on CRC appointments, that he had been invited to a September 11 meeting on CRC allocations with the VP and AVP Research. Vote on Committee recommendation on Academic Fraud case

The Vice-Dean Undergrad indicated that he would excuse himself from the vote since he had been directly involved in preparing the case and managing it through the process. The Dean informed the meeting that the student involved had requested that the Vice-Dean Research and Assoc. Director Computer Science and Vice-Dean Undergrad not participate for reasons unknown. However, it was the consensus of the meeting that there did not seem to be any basis for excluding the Vice-Dean Research and Assoc. Director Computer Science.

On the question of whether or not the student had committed academic fraud, it was a unanimous vote of agreement (Vice-Dean Undergrad abstained) with the committee recommendation that academic fraud was committed.

On the question of what sanction to impose, it was a unanimous vote of agreement (Vice-Dean Undergrad abstained) with the committee recommendation that the student should receive a grade of zero (0) for the final examination.

17.09.04 Vice-Dean (Undergraduate Studies)

The Vice-Dean submitted a written report. This included the latest admission statistics which shows that overall admissions were more or less stable (same as last year) and on target. There were no questions or comments.

17.09.05 Report of Dean

Here is a brief summary of the Dean’s oral report:

The faculty is revisiting its funding/budget model in light of recent changes to Ontario funding.

The Dean has been named to the University Communications Advisory Committee.

The Dean met with the Interim VP Research and provided some information about the Ottawa Super Cluster application.

The University is considering different options for improving relations with industry situated in Kanata North and how we could be more visible and in close contact with them. The Dean, EECS Director, Vice Dean Research, Vice-Dean Governance and Manager of Development met with the university to discuss.

The university is talking about planning “show and tell” events with Industry and 10-12 professors at a time.

The Dean attended a July 10 Toronto meeting on AI. Nationwide there is the possibility of $300 million in funding from federal and provincial sources.

The Dean has done a tour of the space in all 3 buildings (ARC, CBY, SITE). There is old equipment taking up space and we need to clean up some labs and make better use of the space we have. The Faculty needs to develop a “post STEM swing space” plan. The mechanical and electrical systems in Colonel By pose a challenge in adding capacity and how the available space can be used. In addition, the University has said that the vacated E Block space cannot be used. Also, the Dean is having a discussion with Facilities regarding the addition of a very small number of fume hoods in certain labs. Alternate possibilities are being investigated as well.

There is a new French-only University proposed for Toronto (but will not provide engineering).

The federal government CIO wants to collaborate with Universities in Ottawa to explore training opportunities.

The Dean raised the issue of health and safety, and reviewed the incident log for the last 8 months with the Committee. This will be done at all executive meetings moving forward. The University likes the idea of the incident log and would like other Faculties to do the same.

It was discussed and agreed to ask the Vice-Dean Undergrad to extend for 6 months his term so it will end June 30, 2018 instead of December 31 2017. The Vice-Dean Quality and Vice-Dean Undergrad will meet to discuss updating their respective descriptions to ensure a clear understanding of their roles in a few areas, in particular with respect to accreditation.

17.09.06 Reports of the Vice-Deans and Faculty Coordinators Presentation by Marc Dubé, Vice-Dean (Research)

Written report was submitted.

Another Discovery Grant workshop will be happening soon. We should encourage professors who will be applying next year to attend.

Nationwide, there are Canada 150 CRC chairs available this year. The university is submitting 8 x $350,000 applications with two from Engineering. Vice-Dean (Graduate Studies)

Written Report submitted.

Data on admissions for this year was discussed. The10% or less growth is on target with a 8% growth rate reached this year (maintain but not accelerate growth). However, applications for the Winter intake are up 60% comparing to very small numbers in past years. There is anecdotal evidence that this is due to the geopolitical context in the USA. There is an issue with students no longer able to defer their admission for one semester but this is being discussed with the VP.

Three New Student Orientation sessions are held this week.

Large class sizes and the need for more courses for grad students was raised and discussed.

Recruiting Canadian undergrad students was discussed – the VD will do a tour of all students in the 4th year in our Faculty in the first weeks of October in this sense – several presentation and Q&A session will be conducted for all these students

The low number of Canadian PhD students comparing to international students was discussed. Report of the Vice-Dean (International Affairs)

The Vice-Dean was absent but provided an update by email which is included here:

“A brief update: in the summer of 2017, my office was and is still responsible for the training of two batches of faculty members from China, totalling 96 (May 1~Dec 24). The first batch, left July 30, was relatively smooth but with the current batch we encountered a couple of challenges that were never experienced before. Through continued efforts (changed the leadership in the group of 78), things are under control and it should be smooth later on in the project.

With the 3+2 project as well, there were issues of delayed intensive English training and requests for helps and they are being addressed.” Vice-Dean (Quality Assurance and Teaching Innovation)

The Vice-Dean provided a written report.

Mechanical Engineering has uploaded their draft report for accreditation.

Vena training last week and the fall pilot is on track.

Merging cyclical review reports with CEAB accreditation reports to minimize duplication was discussed. The Vice Dean will be meeting with the Office of Quality Assurance on September 15th to discuss this. Vice-Dean (Governance)

The Vice Dean provided a short written report.

The Vice-Dean is representing the faculty on both the Senate and Senate Executive committees. Chair, Civil Engineering

Students have trouble selecting DGDs in the new system, so many of them have selected the wrong one. A new professor needs an office. Chair, Chemical Engineering

A new professor needs an office as well. CRC needs more research space and fume hoods. Director, EECS

Old posting needs to be removed because it has been filled, but new posting is delayed. Chair, Mechanical Engineering

A new professor needs an office as well. The Chair echoed concerns about undergrad office and support for students.

17.09.07 Reports from Faculty Officers

Chief Administrative Officer.

Just completed a 5 year fiscal plan. Mortgage related to STEM building.

New process needed to justify replacement of support staff as it is no longer automatic.

And there is now close oversight of travel budget for faculty operations.

Transfers from operations to research are also now reviewed causing delays.

Assistant to the Dean

Any requests to admin / joint for postings, emeritus… are taking a long time.

Chairs/Director asked to make sure DTPC is in place to start processing annual reports, tenure, academic leave etc. and to send an update of workload if there are any changes as well as grad/undergrad office.

Manager of Development

Absent, but written report online.

Manager of Marketing and Communications

Written report online.

There is a new web strategist, Maxime. Some updates coming for program pages. Megan, coordinator, just joined team.

Admitted students survey will be distributed soon.

There was a request to have student profiles on website and a general discussion. The consensus is it is a good idea if it could be automated. Professor web sites looking at an application tool to use.

Weekly newsletter to all students.

Manager of Outreach,

Written Report Online

Summer programs have wrapped up. There were offsite programs this year as well (Orleans, Kanata, young kids). Mobile makerspace is doing well. CanCo funding no longer eligible for universities.

Third or fourth posting for IT position without any success, so now talking to Macadamian to work with them.

We are applying to offer credited high school courses next summer. Grade 9 exploration of technology and Grade 10 Technical design program

17.06.11 Other Business

Send comments to Vice-Dean Research about posting for Vice-Provost Research.

Union negotiations: APTPUO not going well, same with PIPS. Hopefully, there will not be work disruptions.

The meeting ended at 11:45

Liam Peyton, Vice-Dean (Governance)

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