Executive Committee Meeting 2015.05

Minutes of the Meeting held 08:30 June 30, 2015, in room CBY A-707


C. Laguë (Dean), H. Tezel (Vice-Dean, Research), M. Dubé (Incoming Vice-Dean, Research) J. Zhang (Vice-Dean, International Affairs), M. Labrosse (Interim Vice-Dean Graduate Studies), M. Turcotte (Vice-Dean, Undergraduate Studies), T. Lethbridge (Vice-Dean, Governance), N. Baddour (Chair, MCG), S. Vanapalli (Chair, CVG), C. D’Amours, (Director, EECS), V. Samson (Manager of Marketing and Communications),

L. Roy (Assistant to the Dean),

S. Gandolfini (Chief Administrative Officer),

K. Bournes (Alumni Relations Officer)

C. Blais (Manager, Faculty Development)

J. Cormier-Doiron (Office of Marketing and Communications)


D. Taylor (Chair, CHG)

H. Viktor (EECS-CSI)

15.05.01 Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was approved with the addition of one item.

15.05.02 Minutes of the last meeting (May 26 and June 10)

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

15.05.03 Business arising

3.1 Items in the Dean’s report.

The Dean highlighted a few items in his written report.

Regarding admission statistics, across Ontario, 23% of requests for admission are coming from women. In our Faculty, we are at 20% this year.

The pre-convocation receptions were successful.

The Dean reminded everybody that change needs to happen faster, rather than slower, on the (CEED)2 action plan that was unanimously approved at the last meeting of the Faculty Executive Committee regarding engineering design and entrepreneurship.

CHG has prepared a draft position description for the position in catalysis. The position description regarding materials is still being worked on. These will be voted on electronically when both have been finalized.

The Dean reminded chairs and the director that attendance at convocation ceremonies by regular professors should be included in their annual recommendations for assigned duties from now on.

15.05.04 Report of the Dean

4.1 The Dean submitted a written report

The Dean commented on completion and graduation rates. The number of students graduating appears low, compared to the size of the incoming cohort four years previously.

4.2 Academic Activity Indicators

The Dean presented the 2015-2016 update to the indicators. There was some discussion of the need for additional indicators.

4.3 Regular faculty positions in design engineering (1) and in technological entrepreneurship (1): Members of the Selection Committee

There needs to be a faculty-wide selection committee for these positions since the academic unit won’t be decided until the candidates are chosen. It was suggested to nominate the people on the Faculty Engineering Design Curriculum committee: C. Lan, L. Peyton, C. Adams, K Hinzer, H. Viktor, E. Lanteigne, M. Doumit, and Ahmad Jrade. The Dean will follow up. Once candidates for each position are selected, they will be recommended to the TCP of the appropriate academic unit.

4.4 Office Space

As we add Faculty members, it puts pressure on the need for office space, particularly offices with windows. Offices with windows will be reallocated to regular professors. The corner offices in Block A of CBY Hall that are not assigned to Department Chairs will be assigned to Vice Deans, or Faculty Co-Ordinators when they become vacant. J. Zhang will be moving into the office of E. Dubois. The 4th floor of STE would be next in line for professors when all the exterior offices are used up.

4.5 Video Monitors (V. Samson)

There are current monitors in CBY and STE, but when these need restarting the process is awkward. It was suggested that we deploy a new system that would be easier to manage, and personalizable to each academic unit, and which would also interface with the emergency system.

The proposal is to adopt the Spinetix system. This allows pictures, videos, feeds and various apps. It was also suggested to increase the size and slightly change the location of the screen, and to add a new location near the Tim Hortons.

There is a TV in the CBY basement managed by Multimedia services; the Spinetix system could facilitate adding content to this. It was also suggested to talk to Marc Gareau. There were complaints about news that was a month old, and other incorrect content.

Cost for the CBY lobby would be $1740.96. For the new location near Tim Hortons, the cost would be $7387.41. For the STE Rotunda simply setting up the Spinetix system would be 1740.96 or setting up a new relocated TV would cost $9081.64

Work on other TVs in existing existing locations would cost $2390 (*2) + $5181.42.

It was suggested to do the work in two phases: Phase 1: Adding Spinetix to the current TVs and adding a new TV near the Tim Hortons in STE. Phase II would be to make the other changes.

There was discussion of the value for money. It was pointed out that the TVs need to be in places where there is a captive audience. It was suggested to have a box in the Undergrad office where students will be waiting. It was suggested to move the TVs next to the elevators, but in CBY there is a risk in attaching TVs to the ceiling. There isn’t much student traffic at the departments. It was suggested to put some seating in the STE rotunda around a TV there.

MMS is booked until mid-September so the work would not happen until then.

Messaging topics were discussed: It was suggested that content on the TVs should include study skills, upcoming deadlines, and avoidance of plagiarism. Humour and quizzes should also be used.

4.6 Displays for awards (V. Samson)

CBY Basement
Two companies have proposed optionsEurOptimum ($6859.89) and Expographiq ($7334). J Samson showed pictures of murals done by Expographics and poster holders by EurOptimum.

The companies also suggest custom display cases options $8159 and $5288.97.

Replace old bulletin boards with nice images, along with lighting would cost $5K-$7K

In the CBY Lobby there is a place where there was once an information kiosk. Removal would cost $1500. A suggestion was presented for a replacement between the existing poles for about $4350. Another suggestion is that the spot could be used for a cubic display case for one recently-won trophy. The idea is that whatever is done should not block the view to the panels next to the walls.

STE Rotunda.
Various suggestions discussed for cases in the rotunda. It was pointed out that the banners are getting old.

It was decided that the priority would be: the corridor with old articles in the CBY basement, the display cases for trophies, the banners in the STE rotunda, and the CBY entrance.

It was pointed out that in the entrance to CBY there is no information about what is on which floor.

There was discussion of content options.

The conversation will continue. The Marketing team will do more research.

4.7 Information Items

The Ontario Professional Engineers Foundation for Engineering has increased the number and amount of their scholarships. We will receive $5K more next year because we have more students and because the foundation will be increasing the value of their scholarships. We will receive a total of eight $1500 scholarships.

The Council of Ontario Deans of Engineering recommended to the PEO an interpretive statement for limited licensure and for practical experience. It has been proposed that examples of practical experience within the context of an academic appointment should be: Design, implementation and commissioning of equipment. Faculty members who are supervising capstone projects provided by industrial companies that involve engineers. Contract research with industry (with referees from the companies). Consultation with industry on projects. The limited licenses will continue to be available.

It was pointed out that software engineering and computer engineering would not benefit greatly from the above recommendations since most companies that provide capstone projects, or involve professors in contract work do not have professional engineers for professors to work with. Indeed graduates of the programs find it generally not possible to obtain their P.Eng. because the companies they work for don’t employ P.Eng’s; in other words, we are suffering from a ‘chicken-and-egg’ problem since companies do not have P.Eng’s that can supervise and mentor work. The Dean recommended that representatives (academia, industry) of the computer and software engineering communities directly raise this matter with the National Council of Deans of Engineering and Applied Science and with Engineers Canada.

15.05.05 Report of the Vice-Dean (Research)

There was an NSERC and RTI workshop.

The Vice Dean attended the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary, where she met some alumni. There is hope for an industrial research chair arising out of certain contacts. The word is that due to oil prices, companies are interested in research focusing on efficiency and on safer transportation (such as transporting solid petroleum).

Soon there will be a Memorandum of Understanding with Natural Resources Canada.

CRC Tier II interviews are complete.

A Canada First Research Excellence Centre application is being prepared on the topic of Catalysis.

The Vice-Dean talked about the approved chairs and the funding that would be arising from them

The Executive offered thanks to H. Tezel as this was her last meeting as Vice-Dean.

15.05.06 Report of the Vice Dean (Graduate Studies)

The Vice-Dean submitted a written report.

We have 8 international scholarships, and 7 Queen Elizabeth scholarships, and we may be able to get an 8th.

The numbers of graduate students are at the levels we have hoped for.

The Executive offered their thanks as it is his last meeting as Vice Dean

15.05.07 Reports of the Vice-Dean (Undergraduate Studies)

The Vice-Dean submitted a written report, as well as an admission statistics report.

The Dean discussed the CEAB results. Accreditation was extended for 6 years for SEG, ELG and CEG. For the other two programs we need to submit a written report in a little over a year; the main issues preventing a 6V accreditation decision relate to the lack of P.Eng’s teaching engineering design.

The Dean indicated that he was surprised at the lack of feedback about the new accreditation criteria. It was pointed out that we should not be complacent, since the CEAB might become more rigorous in how they look at graduate attributes in years to come.

The Vice Dean proposed that each program write a report on graduate attributes each year; it should include issues arising from the previous report, analysing current data, and planning for changes to indicators, course content, program and processes. There was a discussion of the dates at which these reports should be delivered, options included the end of summer, or the end of June to align with associate char mandates. It was also suggested to keep the reporting requirements as succinct as possible to avoid dramatically increasing workload. It was suggested look to the EGAD website for advice on content.

Andrew Sowinski will be starting Thursday.

On July 10th there will be interviews to replace Frederick Tremblay.

Historically we have been using members of the Committee on Academic Standing for the Committee of Inquiry. The comment was made that we are lucky students are not as litigious as in other faculties.

It was approved to establish a dedicated Committee of Inquiry, membership on which would be an official academic duty, and that the committee would have a member from each department and two from EECS. It was agreed that the academic units would find people by September 1, and that there would be staggered 1 and 2 year appointments.

15.05.08 Report of the Vice-Dean (International Affairs)

The Vice Dean recently returned from a trip to China.

The agreement to train Chinese professors has been finalised. 63 professors will be coming. We are working with the Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute and the Centre for University Teaching on this project. Professors working with the trainees will be paid a stipend.

Regarding student exchanges, two years ago we accepted 35 incoming students and sent out zero. One year ago we accepted 42 and sent out 4. This year we brought in 65 students and sent out zero. An objective would be to send out 5% of students to get international experience. Having students be research interns or do co-op work would be one possibility that would not cause CEAB accreditation issues.

Most of the original 3+2 program students are now graduating. We are targeting only high quality students; we are accepting only 30 with only 20 expected to come this year. The targeting GPA is higher than before.

There is work to establish student flow to our university from India.

15.05.09 Reports from the Chairs/Directors

CVG will he hosting two new Faculty members the day after tomorrow. Good applications have been received for the additional new position.

There is progress on hiring for the EECS positions.

There is also progress on hiring in MCG.

The Executive thanked S. Vanapalli for his service.

15.05.10 Reports of the Chief Administrative Officer

The CBY roofing project will be starting soon.

15.05.11 Report of the Assistant to the Dean

L. Roy urged academic units to ensure that committees are in place; there will be a lot of TPC work coming up in the Fall. Chairs were also urged to update the workloads and to cc the graduate and undergrad offices.

15.05.12 Report of the Alumni Relations Officer

The Executive selected Raj Narula for the Alumnus Award of Excellence.

The Executive selected Marwan Forzley for the Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

The Executive selected Sulaekha (Sue) Kolloru Barger and Aydin Mirzaee for the Young Alumni of the Year Award.

15.05.13 Report of the Manager, Faculty Development

C. Blais reminded everyone to help him arrange meetings with alumni in Montréal and Toronto. He discussed various other ongoing activities of the Defy the Conventional Campaign.

We will have a new annual campaign officer.

He is working on the details of a large gift to be announced soon.

15.05.14 Reports from the Manager of Marketing and Communications

V. Samson is working on videos, including 3D tours of labs. There will be two per department and four for EECS.

15.05.15 Other Business

T. Lethbridge talked about plans for choosing the Selection Committee for Dean.

The Dean reiterated his thanks to outgoing Executive members and welcomed incoming or returning members.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:55.

Timothy C. Lethbridge, Vice-Dean (Governance)


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