Executive Committee Meeting 2014.06

Minutes of the meetings will be bilingual in the sense that interventions and motions will be reported in the language in which they were made.

Minutes of the Meeting held 13:30 August 26, 2014, in room CBY A-707


C. Laguë (Dean), H. Tezel (Vice-Dean, Research), J. Zhang (Vice-Dean, International Affairs), M. Turcotte (Vice-Dean, Undergraduate Studies), T. Lethbridge (Vice-Dean, Governance), C. D’Amours, (Director, EECS), N. Baddour (Chair, MCG), S. Vanapalli (Chair, CVG), D. Taylor (Chair, CHG), H. Viktor (EECS-CSI), V. Samson (Manager of Marketing and Communications), L. Roy (Assistant to the Dean), S. Gandolfini (Chief Administrative Officer), K. Bournes (Alumni Relations Officer)


M. Labrosse (Interim Vice-Dean Graduate Studies), C. Blais (Chief, Faculty Development)

14.06.01 Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was approved

14.06.02 Minutes of the last meeting (June 24th)

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

14.06.03 Business arising

The Dean has some items in his written report.

K. Bournes discussed responses from the nominees for the Alumni Awards.

The working committee on activity indicators has prepared a set of recommendations. D. Taylor presented the report. The indicators are divided into both research and teaching indicators, including measuring such items as H-index and A-report averages. There was discussion of the logistics of obtaining the data. This matter will be discussed further at the next meeting.

14.06.04. Follow up to the May 27, 2014 Retreat of the Extended Faculty Executive Committee

Most of the items were deferred until the next meeting.

4.3 Succession planning: Academic leadership

It was agreed to deal with this at the next meeting

C. D’Amours discussed some proposed changes in EECS leadership positions, including creating an Executive consisting of many of the co-ordinators, who would become Associate Directors.

14.06.05 Report of the Dean

5.1 The Dean submitted a written report (attached)

The Dean discussed elements of his written report briefly.

5.2 Three-year Resource Planning: 2014 – 2015 update

There was extensive discussion about the Dean’s draft request for additional resources. The Dean will circulate another draft to the Executive taking into account feedback he received at the meeting.

5.3 Information items

There have been some grievances relating to hiring of part time professors.

The APUO has provided feedback about their objections to various items in the Faculty of Engineering’s proposed guidelines for tenure and promotion. This will be discussed at the next meeting.

The Dean has submitted a proposal for an NSERC Chair in Entrepreneurial Design; the proposed Chairholder is Dr. Hanan Anis, Professor, School of EECS and Faculty Coordinator for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Discussions with the undergraduates about welcome week have resulted in progress towards a more respect-oriented approach.

14.06.06 Report of the Vice-Dean (Research)

6.1 Research Advisory Committee

The Vice Dean proposed a committee consisting of the Vice-Dean, plus a senior and junior professor from each academic unit (although with just one vote per unit) that would review large grant proposals that require prioritization at the Faculty level before they can be considered by the University. The newly named CFI-JELF grants will have deadlines three times a year, and would be reviewed by this committee, as would other large grants.

6.2 Other matters

The Vice Dean and the research facilitators are working on an NSERC CRC Tier II chair, along with another Photonics CRC Tier II chair applications in the Faculty. It was suggested that Departments and the School actively seek and recommend people who might be able to obtain a CRC Tier II chair. .

The Vice-Dean made two trips to the UAE so far and is working on getting a Letter of Intent (LOI) signed between uOttawa and 2 institutions in UAE. If any colleagues or students are interested in going there, they should contact her.

Two ORF projects were submitted, and five professors were involved in CFI applications recently from the Faculty. CREATE proposals involving three professors are in process. Two Early Researcher Award proposals have been submitted. 2 RDP proposals were submitted. Pierre Berini’s URC is being renewed.

Workshops for the new system for research grant applications are coming up.

14.06.07 Report of the Vice Dean (Graduate Studies)

The Vice-Dean was away.

14.06.08 Reports of the Vice-Dean (Undergraduate Studies)

The Vice-Dean submitted a written report.

8.1 Information items.

There is a reduced fee for international students studying in French, but some  students in that category come from the ebola-affected area. Several students might not be able to travel.

8.2 Academic Fraud - Discussion on Request 2013-2014 VRAÉ 012

There was discussion of proposed changes to the academic regulations on academic fraud. In particular, it was agreed that the Faculty’s representatives at the Undergraduate Council would support a change that would allow professors to deal with minor cases.

14.06.09 Report of the Vice-Dean (International Affairs)

The 3+2 program with China accepted 53 students; 45 are expected to register. Many are currently registered in a three-week intensive English training course.

The Vice-Dean met with Gary Slater, Associate Vice President (International) regarding priorities. The Associate Vice President pointed out the need to serve students well. He also pointed out that we have a lack of French-speaking international students.

In late November our faculty will be participating in a China Scholarship Council PhD workshop in China, supported by the FGPS. Interviews with students will be conducted; they will be longer than before and will be taped. It is hoped that this will improve language skills of accepted students.

The Vice-Dean participated in a Canadian and Chinese student workshop in Harbin, along with several other universities.

14.06.10 Reports from the Chairs/Directors

D. Taylor reported on the pilot project for the use of Turnitin, which was used in 9 courses, including one graduate course. Professors completed a questionnaire at the end of the year.  Response was very positive.

Cost for a year at the Faculty level would be just under $13,000. There is also a plugin for Blackboard for an additional $2000. There are a few issues, such as dealing with group submissions and multiple TAs.

It was agreed to try Turnitin for the Faculty of Engineering.

14.06.15 Reports from the Director (Communications and Marketing)

Normally there are three ambassador professors. Professors Arbez and Inkpen are continuing; there is a need for an additional professor from one of the departments.

14.06.16 Other Business

Due to time constraints, the members of the Faculty Executive Committee responsible for agenda items 14.06.11 to 14.06.15 inclusively were asked to submit written reports for inclusion in the minutes.

The meeting was adjourned at 16:02.

                                                                    Timothy C. Lethbridge, Vice-Dean (Governance)

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