Collaborations with the Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering encourages the creation of successful partnerships between industry, business, government and our research, entrepreneurship and innovative community.

There are various options to collaborate with us:

  • Research collaborations: with so many experts in a wide variety of fields, there is a lot of potential for research collaborations. We believe in collaborations that are beneficial to both your organization and our Faculty.
  • Student projects: we are always looking for new and interesting projects for our student in which they are challenged to find solutions to industry and community problems.
  • Internships: whether it is hiring coop students, or interns, our students can be of great value to your organization and could even become your future employees. Moreover, if you are a start-ups, we can pay up to 2/3 of the student salary during his/her internship.

If you have an idea of collaboration, project or would need our students as interns in your organization, please fill out our online Collaboration Application Form. We will ensure a follow-up with you within the next 2 business days.

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