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Ideate. Collaborate. Create.

Interested in innovation? Then the sandbox is for you. The sandbox provides a creative and collaborative space to engineering students involved in small projects, pre-professional competitions and entrepreneurial endeavours. Apply your technical knowledge, develop your hands-on experience and join a community of innovators!  

The Sandbox will provide you with the space and equipment that your project needs. 
Students in the space can take advantage of group meeting area and presentation equipment. Multiple design stations provide a suitable spot to spend many hours working  on a design. Finally, to help bring a project to life the room has electrical workstations and a tool bench. Members of the Sandbox will be given storage space for their projects and the ability to access the space at all hours.

Becoming a member

All student teams in the Faculty of Engineering are encouraged to apply for CEED Team Space Membership. Membership provides access to either the Sandbox or the PITS, allowing your team to work within the community of students, professors, and industry members working to ensure uOttawa engineering teams succeed. To be eligible for CEED Team Space Membership your team must consist of a majority of students from the Faculty of Engineering and must demonstrate a desire to participate in design competitions.

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Using the Sandbox

The Sandbox is a shared space and thus all users must follow a few simple guidelines:

  1. Workspaces must be kept clean, storage is provided to all users and no items should be left outside of storage when not in use.
  2. Be courteous, helpful and respectful to all other users of the room.
  3. The room may be used for special events from time to time, respect these events and do not interrupt.

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