Research Area

Software engineering

Software engineering aims at improving software qualities such as reliability, safety, security and usability. It also aims to reduce cost and time-to-market in the context of both new system development and maintenance of existing software systems. Our software engineering faculty members concentrate on several types of software systems, including telecommunication systems, software engineering tools, e-commerce systems and other distributed web-based applications. Their interests cover the entire development process, from requirements to testing and deployment. They investigate new methodologies and evolving best practices in software engineering, and work to apply their research results by collaborating with tool developers, participating in developing international standards, using the methodologies in graduate and undergraduate education and working directly with companies that develop software.

Research applications include improved software products, new software engineering tools and improved software development processes, which can be applied in all industries and all types of software used in industries.


The Faculty of Engineering of the University of Ottawa encourages the creation of successful partnerships between industry, business, government and our research community. By collaborating with us, your organization can benefit from various funding opportunities listed below and can also receive huge tax incentives!

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