Research Area

Wireless networks and mobile computing

Our research in this area involves wireless networking and mobile computing at different levels. It includes distributed and mobile computing, wireless networks, wireless and mobile ad hoc networks, wireless sensor networks, wireless mesh, ubiquitous and pervasive networking, wireless multimedia networking and computing, mobile e-commerce, and WPAN, GPRS, VoIP, WiMax and RFID technologies. While mobile computing focuses on the design of algorithms and protocols for distributed computing with mobile communication networks, wireless and mobile networking focuses upon several aspects of wireless networks, such as network services, network management, mobility management, energy-efficient protocols and power management, wireless security, privacy and dependability, multicasting and broadcasting issues.

As the wireless networking and mobile computing industry has moved forward at lightning speed, so has the design and development of new technologies and standards to support this industry. Applications include telemedicine, emergency preparedness and response, intelligent buildings, intelligent transport networks, environmental monitoring aspects, etc.


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