About the School

The School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science was formed in 1997 by the merger of the Department of Computer Science and of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The School of EECS is the University of Ottawa's centre for research and teaching in all areas related to computing, computers and communications. This interdisciplinary school combines four cutting-edge programs: electrical engineering, software engineering, computer engineering and computer science. Having these closely-related programs joined in one academic unit means that our students benefit from professors with interdisciplinary knowledge gained from teaching in one or more of the four programs. The School of EECS also offers degrees in computing to several other Faculties.

Advanced research, carried out in the School of EECS's fifteen research areas, is funded by grants and contracts in the millions of dollars. The School, located in one of Canada's largest high-technology centres, enjoys excellent relationships with many local companies.

In our four major degree programs we have more than 775 undergraduate students, many of them in co-operative education. Over 400 graduate students work on advanced degrees in Computer Science and in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Department Chair

Claude D’Amours

Administrative Clerk | Monica Batallanos

Undergraduate Associate Directors

Emad Gad | Electrical Engineering

Stéphane Somé | Software Engineering

Voicu Groza | Computer Engineering

Carlisle Adams | Computer Science

Graduate Associate Chairs / Directors

Hussein Al-Osman | Electronic Business Technologies | Electronic Business

Paola Flocchini | Computer Science

Tet Yeap | System Science

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