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Earthquake engineering

The University of Ottawa has a strong research program on earthquake engineering that involves experimental and analytical research, as well as reconnaissance missions and field investigations after major earthquakes. Experimental research includes tests of large-scale and full-size building and bridge components in the Structures Laboratory under simulated seismic loading. Analytical research includes dynamic inelastic response history analysis of structures and development of mathematical models for hysteretic behaviour of structural elements.

The main thrust of current research is on the development of innovative seismic retrofit methodologies for concrete columns, structural walls, masonry infill panels, and reinforced concrete frame systems. The examined techniques include external prestressing, steel bracing, and the use of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) sheets.

Another area of research concentration involves the investigation of seismic performance of normal‐strength and high‐strength concrete structures reinforced with FRP bars, shape memory alloys, steel and FRP grids, as well as stay‐in‐place FRP formwork. A new program has also been implemented on seismic resistance of timber structures. Projects geared towards new construction involve the development of design procedures and design provisions for use in practice.

earthquake research

Other Research

The Department of Civil Engineering also conducts research in these additional fields.


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