2017 uOttawa Graduate Conference, GH-RISKS 2017: Another successful year

Posted on Thursday, March 1, 2018

Delegates sitting at the GH-RISKS 2017 Conference

The 10th uOttawa Graduate Student Conference on Geotechnical Hazards and Risks, GH-RISKS 2017, closed on December 8 after hosting over 100 participants for two days of keynote addresses, technical sessions, and social events. This conference brought together graduate students from both the Universities of Ottawa and Carleton, researchers, professors and engineers. The technical presentations were given by graduate students, while the keynote address was given by Dr. G. Lu, an expert in Blast Impact on Geotechnical Structures. Those who were able to attend know that it was a very successful conference. Milestones achieved this year include the oral presentations of 50 technical session papers and the celebration of the GH-RISKS Conference’s tenth successful year. This conference not only provided valuable experience,  and excellent networking and learning opportunities for the graduate students, but also opportunities to win important awards or prizes, and meet potential employers. It was a first-rate technical and social meeting. We wish to thank the Conference Chair, Professor Mamadou Fall from the Civil Engineering Department, and the Organizing Committee, the Scientific and Technical Committee, the Session Chairs, and all sponsors and delegates who supported GH-RISKS 2017! Thank you for attending the GH-RISKS 2017 Conference and making it such a success! We look forward to meeting you again for the GH-RISKS 2018 Conference.

2017 Best Graduate Student Presentation Competition

The winners of the three best presentations at the GH-RISKS 2017 have been named!

1st Prize (Gordon McRostie award*- $300):

Presenter: Dana Tawil

The presentation: “Stabilization of Dakar coastal slopes” by Dana Tawil, Atieh Malkawi & Houda El Maache.

*This prize is named in honour of Gordon McRostie for his long-time dedication and contributions to the Ottawa geotechnical community.

2nd Prize ($150):

Presenter: Michael Zinoviev

The presentation: “Mechanism of sinkhole formation due to Tunneling” by Patrick Lamarche & Michael Zinoviev

3rd Prize ($50):

Presenter: Jianxiong Yang

The presentation: “Geological risks from deep geological disposal of nuclear wastes” by Jianxiong Yang

Welcome from Prof. M. Fall, Conference Chair

Celebrating the 10th edition of the uOttawa Graduate Student Conference on Geotechnical Hazards and Risks, GH-RISKS 2017

The conference organizing team celebrated with Professor Mamadou Fall, the Scientific and Technical Committee and uOttawa students the uOttawa Graduate Student Conference on Geotechnical Hazards and Risks’ 10th year.

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