Research Area

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is defined as energy derived from resources that are able to be regenerated or cannot be depleted. Approximately 25% of worldwide human energy use comes from renewable energy sources. The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering has become a leader in renewable energy research, having embarked on projects related to bioethanol and biodiesel production more than ten years ago, and we continue to expand in this research field through our new industrial partnerships.

Other Research

The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering also conducts research in these additional fields.


AirScience Corp.FP Innovations
BioDiesel Reactor (BDR) Technologies inc.   Intellectual Ventures
Biotechnology Research InstituteIOGEN Corporation
CelluForceMenova Energy inc.
EcoSynthetix Inc.NRCan-Varennes
EnPross inc.
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