Research Area

Process Engineering

Process engineering, synonymous with traditional chemical engineering, focuses on the design, operation and maintenance of chemical and material manufacturing processes and constitutes the specification, optimization, realization, and adjustment of the process applied to manufacture products. Process engineering and process engineers are found in a vast range of industries, such as the petrochemical, mineral processing, material, food, pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries.

Other Research

The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering also conducts research in these additional fields.


AirScience Intellectual Ventures
Biophage Pharma National Research Council
CelluForce NRCan - Varennes
CVRD Inco Ltd. NRCan CanmetENERGY – Ottawa
EcoSynthetix Inc. NRCan CAnmetMININg – Ottawa
EnPross Inc. Omnova Solutions Inc.
FP Innovations Protein Scientific
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