Project Integration and Team Space

The Project Integration and Team Space (PITS) at the Faculty of Engineering is a collaborative space that provides engineering students involved in pre-professional competitions with the ability to work on large-scale projects.

The PITS provides student teams with space so they can work on their projects anytime. The PITS is located across from the Brunsfield Centre, which allows students to use the various machines located in the Centre as needed. These teams represent the University in diverse international competitions.


SAE Aerospace Club uOttawa

This years new team consists of passionate students from different engineering disciplines working together to craft a RC aeroplane. The team is working hard to make sure that they are competitive and able to positively represent the university on international forums. SAE Aerospace invests its days and nights doing research, finalizing designs and making sure that no stones are left unturned in this journey towards engineering excellence. They will be participating in an international competition, SAE Aero Design East held in March 2018, in Florida.

Baja SAE
Baja SAE team

Baja SAE is an off road racing team focusing on designing and racing the quickest and most durable off road vehicle possible.  The goal is to be able to maneuver through any, and all terrain put before the vehicle in a controlled, yet fast and reliable manner.

bionics team

uOttawa Bionics is a student-run group developing a hip-mounted wearable robotic device to assist in the rehabilitation of patients with reduced muscular strength. The first exoskeleton, designed for stroke patients, is to be submitted to the Rehabilitation Engineering Society of North America Student Design Competition in April 2018, and the Create the Future conference in June 2018.

Formula uOttawa
Formula team

Formula uOttawa is a 3rd year Formula SAE competition team looking forward to competing in SAE international's Michigan event later this year. With the help of CEED, their sponsors, the Faculty of Engineering and dedicated students, the team works to design and fabricate an open wheel race car from scratch. The focus of this team is to optimize design iterations and represent our Faculty on an international scale.

Ottabotics team

Ottabotics is the University of Ottawa's robotics club. Ottabotics strives for members to develop a variety of engineering based skills through designing and building robots. This goal is demonstrated through their semester learning project, student project team, and three competition teams. All members are free to join a student project team, the Recycle Sorter, or one of three competition teams: International Autonomous Robot Racing Challenge, International Aerial Robotics Competition, and Roboboat. For all these projects, the main focus is on the mechanical, electrical, and programming aspects of the robot in order to create an innovational design.

UOE Racing
UOE Racing team

UOE Racing is uOttawa's first and only electric car team. They are a group of dedicated engineers focused on making the most efficient electric car possible. The team will be competing in the Shell Eco-Marathon, held this year in California, USA, in the prototype electric car category.

uOttawa Rocketry (uOSTAR)
uOttawa Rocketry team

The team is focused on developing many technologies relating to the field of rocketry in hopes of competing in the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition in June 2018: a competition where teams must design, build and launch an experimental sounding rocket to 10000 ft.

To satisfy the team and competition objectives, it is imperative to build as many rocket components in-house, by students, as possible. Some of these components include, the rocket engine, the oxidizer tank, the parachute and aerodynamic structures. Not only do the components of the rocket need to be made or acquired, but so does any and all testing equipment and suite of sensors, data collection and safety electronics. Many of these projects require several phases of experimental prototyping before a final product can be said to have been achieved.

University of Ottawa Supermileage

Supermileage team

The Supermileage team is full of passionate and innovative future engineers.  As a team of undergraduate students, our goal is to build a car with a fuel-efficiency that can reach between 800 and 1000 miles per gallon. The mission of this project is to promote a healthier environment and to pair performance and fuel-efficiency.

The University of Ottawa Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race (GNCTR)
GNCTR team

The Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race (GNCTR) is the largest and oldest student engineering competition in Canada. Long time running since 1974, the goal of this competition is to build a toboggan with a running surface made entirely of concrete and then race it against other teams, competing for the prestigious title of fastest concrete toboggan in the world! From initial conception, to design calculations and final assembly, students get the opportunity to foster their applied knowledge as well as their teamwork and interpersonal skills. The competition is a great opportunity to meet spirited engineering students from across Canada who share a passion for design as well as having fun.

Concrete Canoe

The Canadian National Concrete Canoe Competition is an over 25 year old competition held for engineering students all across Canada. The challenge is to build a canoe out of concrete that floats when submerged and can hold four people to race in!

The University of Ottawa Concrete Canoe Team aims to challenge its members to use the skills they have learned in class and apply them to this unconventional project. The difficulties of creating a canoe out of concrete empowers students to explore material design and structural analysis on a complex form. Students from different disciplines and years of study come together to work with concrete. This involves designing shapes that require an understanding of fluid flow, structures and how to manufacture a canoe mold with delicate detailing.

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Using the space


  1. Clean up after yourself.
  2. Be courteous, helpful, and respectful to your peers.
  3. Each machine has material restrictions and training requirements that you will have to satisfy before using it. If in doubt, please ask.
  4. The room may be used for special events from time to time, respect these events and do not interrupt.

Team membership

    CEED Team Space Membership

    All student teams in the Faculty of Engineering are encouraged to apply for CEED Team Space Membership.

    Membership provides access to either the Sandbox or the PITS, allowing your team to work within the community of students, professors, and industry members working to ensure uOttawa engineering teams succeed.

    To be eligible for CEED Team Space Membership your team must consist of a majority of students from the Faculty of Engineering and must demonstrate a desire to participate in design competitions.

    Apply now!

    Opportunities for teams

    By joining a team or creating a new one, you will be able to expand your knowledge beyond the classroom and get a practical hands-on experience that all employers want! You will also have an opportunity to network with mentors, industry and other students while having lots of fun!

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