Courses and learning

Our entrepreneurial design courses give students the chance to turn brilliant ideas into business ventures in a step-by-step framework, equipping them with the tools and the skills needed. The courses offered are open to all engineering students.


 Controlled interaction with clients - One client per section, meet clients 3 times - ~600 students/year / GNG2101 Introduction to Product Development: Each student group has a client - Teams go and meet clients - Ar least 3 meetings with clients off campus - ~350 students/year / GNG4120 Introduction to Technology Entrepreneurship: Students find clients - Students meet with 4 potential customers per week for 6 weeks - ~200 students/year / GNG4100/MCG4191 Design Studio: Teaching the implication of design implementation, organization and salesmanship - Designed for engineering students who participate in collegiate design competitions

Learning opportunities

We offer several programs and initiatives to help students develop their design and entrepreneurship skills.

  • Our entrepreneurial ecosystem provides several programs to develop entrepreneurial skills such as Simon Nehme Summer Entrepreneurship School, the entrepreneurship internship and many more
  • Our design spaces provide several training workshops every week in Makerlab, Manufacturing Training Centre (MTC) and the Richard L’abbe Makerspace.

Simon Nehme Summer Entrepreneurship School

The school offers hands-on workshops and events, delivered by members of the entrepreneurial community as well as academia, covering ideation, pitching, customer discovery, marketing, sales and legal issues for startups.

Entrepreneurial internship and CO-OP

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