The Biophotonics Lab

The overarching research objective of Dr Anis is to bring nonlinear imaging and sensing closer to the bedside by conceiving all-fiber, ultrafast, high-sensitivity platforms targeted at biomedical applications.  Our research seeks to further our understanding of light propagation in fiber media at high intensities, and translate that understanding into tangible outcomes in the form of novel all-fiber platforms. The focus of Dr. Anis' lab is  on three inter-related themes: ultrafast sources, nonlinear microscopy/endoscopy and biosensors.


Those with background in femtosecond fiber lasers, photonic crystal fibers, nonlinear propagation and fiber sensors are especially encouraged to apply

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Dr. Anis' lab is situated in the state-of-the art research facilities in the new Advanced Research Complex - a building designed and constructed from the ground up with photonics research in mind.

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Advanced Research Complex

Le Complexe de recherche avancée | Advanced Research Complex
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