What can I do with my degree?


“The School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science helped us perfect our versatility, which has proven to be our biggest asset both in the technical and business worlds. We entered university as programmers and left as entrepreneurial software engineers. “ - Jason and Etienne

In 2007, Jason and Etienne launched LavaBlast Software, a company that produces software for the franchise industry. Their product, FranchiseBlast, integrates the software franchisees use on a day-to-day basis, making it possible for franchisors to accelerate their growth. After six years in business, Jason and Etienne are looking to expand the company. They won first place in the Best Sales/Value Proposition category at the Exploriem 2012 Bootstrap Awards. Kealey holds a BASc in Software Engineering (2005) and a MCS in Computer Science (2008) while Tremblay holds a BASc in Software Engineering (2005).

Sally Daub, ViXS

“Completing the University of Ottawa’s unique CO-OP program and combining engineering with a business minor provided me with the foundation to excel in starting my own engineering firm”.- Sally

Sally Daub has served as President and Chief Executive Officer since co-founding ViXS in 2001. Under Ms. Daub’s leadership ViXS has grown from a small semiconductor start-up to the leading provider of technologies at the heart of today’s video revolution by designing and developing smart network multimedia processors that enable anywhere, anytime entertainment. Sally has placed second in the prestigious PROFIT W100 annual ranking of Canada’s top female entrepreneurs for 2011. Sally holds a BASc in Chemical Engineering (1987).

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