Study, work or do research abroad

Are you interested in adding an international dimension to your program by studying, researching or working abroad? Our university offers many international mobility opportunities, allowing you to gain diverse experience in engineering and computer science.

International Experience Scholarship

As a student of our faculty, you can apply for one of 60 International Experience annual scholarships for international activities, such as study and CO-OP terms, research internships and other international research activities. Each scholarship is worth up to $6,000!

Exchange Program

Take part in the Exchange Program, which allows students to study at a partner university. The program allows our students to become true global citizens and educates graduates who are skilled and open to the world.
Engineering and computer science students can gain a new perspective during their academic experience at a partner institution, such as:

  • Australian National University, Australia (computer science)
  • Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong (software engineering)
  • National University of Singapore, Singapore (chemical engineering)
  • University of Southampton, United Kingdom (electrical engineering)
  • Newcastle University, United Kingdom (civil engineering)

Summer Exchange Program

Study part-time abroad during the summer without having to pay international student fees. You get an automatic mobility scholarship of at least $500.

CO-OP opportunities

Benefit from the many international work experience opportunities offered by the Cooperative Education (CO-OP) Programs, which allow engineering and computer science students to develop unique skills in their field of interest.

Research internships and other research opportunities

A variety of other programs offer research internships and scholarships to top students, such as

  • SIRI: Summer Undergraduate International Research Internships (Jiao Tong University in Shanghai)
  • Summer Undergraduate Research Experience at CERN (Switzerland)
  • DAAD-Rise (Germany)
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