Customize your degree

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Get more than just a degree — personalize your program to suit your interests!

You can choose to add one of these two options to most engineering or computer science programs:

Engineering Management and Entrepreneurship

This option provides students with the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial spirit and the tools to develop their management skills. Students learn about product development, financing, marketing and building a business plan. You may add this option to your program without adding any extra time to complete your degree.

Computing Technology

In many industries such as automotive, aerospace and construction, the integration of mechanical, electrical and computer engineering is very high. Sensors, controllers and microprocessors are integrated into cars, airplanes, smart houses, and even smart roads; Computing technologies are omnipresent!

In a competitive job market, this option can make your résumé standout from the others. Computing Technology is offered as a second degree and consists of courses that are common to all programs as well as courses that can complement your specific engineering program.

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