Communications Research Centre Canada


“From our perspective, the CO-OP program helps us enormously in our projects. The uOttawa CO-OP students sometimes come up with bright, fresh ideas that we hadn’t thought of.”

“We usually hire one or two CO-OP students. The first student is hired mainly for programming and software engineering. These tasks involve writing an application that enables communications to be offloaded. Our second CO-OP student is usually an electrical or computer engineering student we can bring into the field to help test new technologies.”

“By being in the CO-OP program, students learn about a field they enjoy while employers get much-needed help and new perspectives.”

“I went through the CO-OP program at uOttawa. It gave me the experience I needed, making it much easier to find a job when I graduated. My last CO-OP placement was actually here, and I was able to get hired back on and continue here.”

“What we’re looking for is someone who is eager to learn, proactive and can ask questions when they don’t know what to do. They don’t have to be an expert in their field. They’ll use the knowledge they already have, and we’ll help them grow and mature in their field of expertise.”

“Most CO-OP students we’ve hired are bright, energetic and skilled individuals who are very eager to learn. These are the type of students we’re looking for.”

Jacob Gurnick
Senior Research Engineer
Communications Research Centre Canada

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