BASc in Electrical Engineering | BSc in Computing Technology | 2016-2017 Course Sequence

Note that although the course codes may appear in both languages (English/French), the courses in French are not offered at every semester. Also note that courses with fewer than ten (10) registrants will be cancelled.

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1st YEAR
(33 credits)
CHM1311 | Principles of Chemistry
GNG1105 | Engineering Mechanics
ITI1120 | Introduction to Computing I
MAT1320 | Calculus I
MAT1341 | Introduction to Linear Algebra
GNG1103 | Engineering Design
ITI1121 | Introduction to Computing II
ITI1100 | Digital Systems I
MAT1322 | Calculus II
MAT1348 | Discrete Mathematics for Computing
PHY1124 | Fundamentals of Physics for Engineers
2nd YEAR
(36 units)
CEG2136 | Computer Architecture I
CSI2110 | Data Structures and Algorithms
ELG2138 | Circuit Theory I
ENG1112 | Technical Report Writing
MAT2322 | Calculus III for Engineers
MAT2384 | Ordinary Differential Equations and Numerical Methods
CSI2101 | Discrete Structures
CSI2120 | Programming Paradigms
ELG2911 | Professional Practice in Information Technology and Engineering
ELG2136 | Electronics I
ELG2137 | Circuit Theory II
PHY2323 | Electricity and Magnetism
3rd YEAR
(30 units)
CEG3136 | Computer Architecture II (students admitted in Fall 2016 and after)
SEG2105 | Introduction to Software Engineering
ELG3106 | Electromagnetic Engineering
ELG3125 | Signal and System Analysis
ELG3136 | Electronics II
ELG3126 | Random Signals and Systems
ELG3137 | Fundamentals of Semiconductor Devices (students admitted in Fall 2016 and after)
ELG3155 | Introduction to Control Systems
ELG3175 | Introduction to Communication
ELG3316 | Electric Machines and Power Systems Systems (changes from Fall to Winter as of 2018)
4th YEAR
(30 units)
CEG4158 [S] | Computer Control in Robotics
ELG4117 [E] [M] | Optoelectronics and Optical Components
ELG4125 [P] | Electric Power Transmission, Distribution & Utilization
ELG4139 [T] [E] [M] [P] | Electronics III
ELG4156 [T] [S] | Linear Systems
ELG4176 [T] [E] | Communication Systems
ELG4179 [T] [M] [P] | Wireless Communication Fundamentals
ELG4912 [All options] | Electrical Engineering Design Project: Part I
Technical elective **** [S](2), [E](1), [P](1), [M](1)
ELG4115 [E] [M] | Microwave Circuits
ELG4118 [T] [M] | Wave Propagation and Antennas
ELG4126 [P] | Sustainable Electrical Power Systems
ELG4137 [S] [E] | Principles and Applications of VLSI Design
ELG4157 [S] [P] | Modern Control Engineering
ELG4159 [S] [P] | Integrated Control Systems
ELG4177 [T] [S] [E] | Digital Signal Processing
ELG4178 [M] | Optical Communications and Networking
ELG4913 [All options] | Electrical Engineering Design Project: Part II
5th YEAR
(24 units)
CSI2372 | Advanced Programming Concepts with C++
CSI3120 | Programming Language Concepts
ECO1192 | Engineering Economics
GNG2101 (Winter)
1 CSI/CEG/SEG 3000 level Elective
PHI2394 | Scientific Thought and Social Value
HIS2129 (Winter)
GNG2101 | Introduction to Product Development For Engineers and Computer Scientists
ECO1192 (Fall)
HIS2129 | Technology, Society and Environment since 1800
PHI2394 (Fall)
CSI3131 | Operating Systems
SEG2106 | Software Construction

*Note: 4th year students are required to pick one of the 5 options: Communications [T], Systems [S], Electronics [E], Microwave & Photonic [M] or Power and Sustainable Energy [P].

** Technical electives include the following courses: CEG4158, CEG4188, CEG4316, ELG4117, ELG4121, ELG4125, ELG4139, ELG4156, ELG4176, ELG4179.

*** Technical electives include the following courses: CEG3185, CEG4187, CEG4190, CEG4396, ELG4115, ELG4118, ELG4122, ELG4126, ELG4137, ELG4157, ELG4159, ELG4177, ELG4178.

Additionally, for the [S], [E], [M] options: CEG4186.

****PHY and EVS 2nd year courses have been replaced by a technical elective for the students admitted in Fall 2016 and after. This change will take effect in their 4th year.

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