Joint Honours BSc in Computer Science and Mathematics | 2018-2019 Course Sequence

Note that although the course codes may appear in both languages (English/French), the courses in French are not offered at every semester. Also note that courses with fewer than ten (10) registrants will be cancelled.

1st YEAR
(30 credits)
ITI1120 | Introduction to Computing I
MAT1320 | Calculus I
MAT1341 | Introduction to Linear Algebra
ENG1112 | Technical Report Writing
Free Elective
ITI1100 | Digital Systems I
ITI1121 | Introduction to Computing II
MAT1322 | Calculus II
MAT1348 | Discrete Mathematics for Computing
Free Elective
2nd YEAR
(33 credits)
CEG2136 | Computer Architecture I
CSI2110 | Data Structures and Algorithms
MAT2122 | Multivariable Calculus
MAT2141 | Linear Algebra I
MAT2371 | Introduction to Probability
CSI2101 | Discrete Structures
CSI2120 | Programming Paradigms
CSI2132 | Databases I
CSI2911 | Professional Practice in Computing
MAT2125 | Elementary Real Analysis
MAT2143 | Algebraic Structures
3rd YEAR
(27 credits)
CSI3105 | Design and Analysis of Algorithms I
SEG2105 | Introduction to Software Engineering
MAT (2000) – list1
Elective (MAT 3000)
Free Elective
CSI3104 | Introduction to Formal Languages
CSI3131 | Operating systems
MAT2375 | Introduction to Statistics
Elective (CSI, SEG 3000)
4th YEAR
(30 credits)
CSI/SEG (3000) – list 2
Elective (CSI 4000)
Elective (MAT 3000)
Elective (MAT 4000)
Free Elective
Elective (CSI 4000)
Elective (MAT 3000)
Elective (MAT 3000)
Elective (MAT 4000)
Free Elective

13 credits of electives from {MAT2324, MAT2355, MAT2362}

23 credits from the following list: {CSI3130, CSI3140, CEG3185}

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