Advanced Standing Request


  1. Download the Advanced Standing Request Form
  2. N.B. Advanced standing is not considered official if it is not signed as approved by the Faculty of Engineering
  3. Identify the program for which the course(s) must be evaluated. For example, if you are requesting advanced standing for one or more courses in chemical engineering, please select chemical engineering.
  4. Complete the student information section. Clearly indicate:
    • Student’s full name
    • Student number
    • Program of studies
  5. Complete the information related to the advanced standing request. Clearly indicate:
    • The code and title of the course that has been taken
    • Was the course taught by an accredited Professional Engineer (engineering courses only – ex: CHG, MCG, CVG, ELG, GNG) (proof required)
    • The year in which the course was completed. The course description must be from the year the course was taken
    • The number of hours of lecture courses per week (please make sure that this information is official)
    • The number of hours of tutorials, laboratories and discussion groups per week (please make sure that this information is official).
    • The code and title of the desired course at the University of Ottawa. Visit the Course Catalog to consult a list of courses offered by the Faculty of Engineering
  6. Attach a copy of the official and detailed course description: the official course description must come from a syllabus or the institution’s official calendar. If the official description has already been submitted, please attach a photocopy and indicate that the description has already been submitted.
  7. Send the request with the necessary documents at the Undergraduate Studies office in person at room 1020 at the SITE building or by email at

The Faculty of Engineering reserves the right to return any incomplete form.

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