Special Student Registration

Due to the professional nature of its programs (which are accredited at the national level), the Faculty of Engineering allows only students admitted to one of its programs to register for engineering and computer science courses. Therefore, please note that Faculty of Engineering courses are not available to Special Students (see exceptions below).

Definition of a Special Student (Undergraduate)
Special students are students allowed by the University to register for undergraduate courses, for credit or as auditors, without seeking a degree, diploma or a certificate from the University.

Please see the general regulations for additional information regarding:

  • Special Student categories
  • Admission requirements
  • Restrictions which apply to Special Students
  • Courses available to Special Students
  • Registration procedures for Special Students
  • Course changes or cancellation of registration
  • Other

Under the following exceptional circumstances and for reasons both valid and proven, the Faculty may grant a special student request to take an engineering course. All such requests must be justified with proper documentation.

a) Academic upgrade for admission to graduate studies:   

  • Provide written confirmation, either from the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies or from the department concerned, that an academic upgrade is necessary for admission to a graduate program.
  • Submit written confirmation, either from the research supervisor or departmental chair, that the requested course will be recognized toward the required upgrade.

b) Professional development:   

  • Provide official transcripts to prove prior education in the field of the requested course.
  • Submit a written request indicating why the student needs to take a specific engineering or computer science course during the given session.
  • Provide a written request from the employer or professional organization that the student take the requested course.

c) Academic upgrade for re-admission following a mandatory withdrawal from the Faculty of Engineering: 

  • Following a mandatory withdrawal and in order to upgrade your average for readmission in engineering, you must complete a minimum of 12 credits of university level math and science courses (ex.: anatomy, biology, chemistry, environmental science, geology, mathematics, physics, etc.).  Courses in social sciences, health sciences, arts, management, etc. are not deemed acceptable for upgrading purposes for engineering.
  • Upgrading courses must be of an equal or higher level than those already successfully completed.

d) Other (Transfer of credits, Carleton University Exchange, etc.): 

  • It is a student’s responsibility to show the need for the course requested, as well as to provide supporting documents.

N.B.: In every case, it is necessary to have successfully completed all the prerequisite courses, as indicated in the course description.  Please note that meeting these criteria does not guarantee that permission to take a course as a Special Student will be granted. Every request will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. In addition, successful completion of the course does not guarantee admission to the Faculty of Engineering.


Where to register?

  • As of January 5th, 2017, students who wish to register to Faculty of Science courses as Special Students for upgrading purposes must do so at InfoService, University of Ottawa, Tabaret Hall, 75 Laurier Avenue East (1st floor).
  • Students who wish to register to Faculty of Engineering courses as Special Students for transfer of credits, upgrading, professional certification or Carleton University Exchange, must present themselves at the Undergraduate Office, Faculty of Engineering, SITE Hall, 800 King Edward Ave., room 1020.


BE READY: Steps to follow in order to accelerate your registration

  • Prepare a list of courses to which you wish to register - the course code and section must be included (each section corresponds to a specific schedule);
  • Check the course timetable to prevent course conflicts;
  • Ensure that you have completed or are currently completing the prerequisite course(s);
  • If you are a new special student at uOttawa (you have never registered for a course, nor studied at uOttawa or Saint-Paul University), please begin the registration process by filling out the personal identification form for special students (undergraduate)
  • Complete and sign the appropriate form Registration (Special Students);
  • Have all pertinent documents with you (official transcript, letter of permission, etc.);
  • Register at the appropriate location, depending on your Special Student status (see above”Where to register”);
  • Pay the required fees. Access your e-bill and your online statement of account through the uoZone portal.


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