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Would you enjoy being part of a team building a highly fuel-efficient or off-road vehicle? Or would you like to design a human hamster wheel for a museum display that teaches people about energy consumption? Then join an engineering club to work on these kinds of exciting projects!

You could also participate in the Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race or showcase your design talents at the Ontario Engineering Competition. Why not take on the challenge of testing your technical skills against students from other Canadian universities at the annual Computer Science Games? Or the challenge of commercializing your end-of-studies capstone design project in the annual Prizes in Entrepreneurship and Innovation student competition?

The life of a student at the Faculty of Engineering is anything but dull!


Engineering Students’ Society

The ESS represents uOttawa Engineering students; this is your association. Get involved in your student community. You’ll come to know your colleagues better by participating in the various activities and events put on by and for students.

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Computer Science Student Association

The CSSA represents uOttawa Computer Science students. The Association is dedicated to providing social programming, academic services and employment resource opportunities to their members. Get involved in your student community!

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Software Engineering Student Association

SESA strives to enrich student life while building a networking platform in order to aid students in landing real world experiences.

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Green Engineers

Work with industry partners and apply your knowledge to design, build and operate specific projects, such as a dual wind turbine, a human hamster wheel, a wind tunnel and much more.

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Engineers Without Borders - University of Ottawa Chapter

Put your engineering talents to good use! Engineers Without Borders works to support developing communities around the world by helping them gain access to technologies that could improve their lifestyle.

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Mechanical Engineering Student Society (MESS)

MESS is the Mechanical Engineering Students’ Society. We organize events throughout the year aimed at both faculty and students. The goal of these events is to meet other students and get to know professors outside of a classroom setting.

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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

Are you a technology enthusiast? The University of Ottawa student branch of IEEE connects students studying in technology-related fields with industry professionals. The IEEE also puts on events at the University, promoting a fun and stimulating environment for students.

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uOttawa IEEE Women in Engineering

The mission of uOttawa IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) is to inspire, engage, encourage and empower women to pursue their academic interests leading to a career in engineering. The WIE team works hard to organize receptions and networking events every year to recognize women in engineering.

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Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE)

The Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE) was created to develop and maintain high standards of civil engineering practice in Canada as well as to enhance the public image of civil engineering profession.

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Chemical Engineering Student Society (ChESS)

ChESS is the Chemical Engineering Student Society. We organize events throughout the year aimed at both faculty and students. Get involved in your community and get to know your fellow chemical engineering students!

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uOttawa SAE Competition Teams

Design, build, and race your own car! The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) International hosts several international student competitions. Join a team and apply your classroom knowledge to a fun and challenging real-world problem!

uOttawa SAE Supermileage

uOttawa Baja SAE

uOttawa Formula SAE

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