Student Internships

Student internships (including cooperative studies) play a significant role in this Chair. As a student at our Faculty, you can work on developing your entrepreneurial idea during a CO-OP work term or simply through an internship. Imagine getting financial support to work on your own business plan! Or if you prefer, you can try working in a start-up company and see what a start-up is all about!

These internships will provide experiential learning that builds business acumen and independence that is invaluable for any design engineer. Upon graduation, students working on their own concept can continue with their start-up or leverage their experience to obtain employment. Internships at an existing start-up will be invaluable for both the student, as it will provide practical design experience in a start-up environment and for the start-up as it gains incremental resources.

How to apply

Interested students should submit a business plan to Professor Anis, Faculty Coordinator in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, to have it approved as a potential CO-OP or internship work term. CO-OP students must contact the CO-OP office to discuss how this fits into their program of study.

Support and funding

Students will be provided with $6,000/term to either work on developing their own start-up or to work in an existing start-up.

Hiring a student as an intern

If you are interested in hiring a student for an internship in your start-up or your organization, please fill out the Industry Collaboration Form, and we will make sure to get back to you.

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