GirlSci Camp

Grade completed : 2 to 6

To address the underrepresentation of women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields, the goal of this program is to offer a favorable environment for young girls to discover the wonders and merits of science & engineering. The instructor of GirlSci will be a female science or engineering student.  In our GirlSci camps, young girls will get the opportunity to discover and learn through chemistry experiments, dissections, physics challenges, 3D printing, electrical circuits, robotics & much more!  Participants will gain access to our various university labs such as: the uOtttawa Richard L'Abbé Makerspace, the electrical engineering lab, and the chemistry lab. Campers will get the opportunity to build and create a wide array of projects such as custom-designed 3D models, mechanical machines, and circuits.

Projects are specifically designed for the specific age group and are different every year.  GirlSci camp projects change week-by-week and are not cumulative, so a participant may register for only GirlSci 2 without requiring GirlSci 1.  Additionally, a participant may register for all four weeks without repeating any projects.  Please note that this program may be run bilingually (French and English girls may be placed together, with a bilingual instructor).

Throughout the week the participant will get the chance to play indoor and outdoor games.

Lunch is not included, except on Friday when a pizza lunch & juice box is offered (this is included in the price of the camp).  Please provide environmentally-friendly, nut-free snacks and lunch for your child for the rest of the week.
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