Student Projects



Acquire the basic skills to “be an entrepreneur”:

The program “has made me look at myself as an entrepreneur! How to think and how to start my own business– I think that is my main takeaway!!The fact that this program has achieved that is a huge deal.”
“It changed how I think. This type of competency you can use anywhere.”

Get involved in the community:

“There was a lot of interaction. And I think that when it comes to this topic in particular, there is a lot learned in person, but especially during interaction.”
“It helped me know more about the women in engineering, even though they are not in my program. I enjoyed this aspect! Sometimes when I think of the idea of not ‘fighting’ alone – this is very important!”

Improve your networking skills:

“Before I joined this program, my interpersonal skills were  so so! I would say, not natural. It came very frozen, like a frozen person talking with a stranger. Now it has changed.”
“Very scary! But good.”
“Very good! We had to get out there and connect with a lot of people.”

Launch your venture:

“This never would have happened without WSN and the various entrepreneurship competitions.”

2015-2016 Student Projects

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