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WSN Mentees are students at the University of Ottawa who:

  • Have a business idea and would like to develop it further
  • OR are looking for a business idea
  • AND/OR would like to join a community of women who are working on existing businesses. 

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Throughout the school year, Mentees will participate in weekly training and mentoring sessions to develop their entrepreneurship, leadership, and business skills. They will work with Mentors and other students on entrepreneurial projects throughout the course of the school year (two semesters). They will attain 3 course credits, granted at the end of the second semester.

  • Lectures are 3 hours/week
  • In-class components include 1.5 hours of Theory and 1.5 hours of Business Application
  • Course spans 2 semesters, 24 weeks
  • Course credit is granted at the end of the second semester
  • 120 hours over 2 semesters.

Click here to view the course outline.

How to apply:

Fill out the form.

Note that this course is open to all university students.

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