About the WSN

Our mission is to enable women-led startups.
We guide them to success through powerful leadership training and mentoring.

    Join the WSN Program

    This unique program is designed to foster an entrepreneurial mind-set in women in Engineering and in Computer Science so that they create a positive societal impact.

    The WSN program offers students the ability to learn more about entrepreneurship and leadership through a facilitated peer mentorship program,while getting course credit.

    Our Mentors go through a rigorous entrepreneurial training program over the summer. These Mentors then work with Mentees as part of the WSN throughout the following school year.

    Mentors will help develop your entrepreneurial competencies and will assist you with your business development plan.

    Develop Your Entrepreneurial Identity

    • Develop your entrepreneurial skills.
    • Learn what it takes to create your own company.
    • Build a network of women involved in Engineering, Computer Science and Business.
    • Take your business idea to the next level.
    • Contribute to compelling projects.
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