Past PEI Competitions

2015 Winners

2014 Entrepreneurship Concepts (EC-PEI) Winners

First Place ($5,000): DroneSafe
Team: William Benn, Charles Blouin, Uchechi Ironkwe, Theophilus Tettey

The first-place winner was DroneSafe – a quiet, compact and robust aerial drone intended for use by tactical teams for discreet reconnaissance in dangerous situations, and for military use.

Second Place ($3,000): iGroce
Team: Mohammad Mohsen Badv, Chidi Augustine Ibeson, Pei Wuen Kee, Anil Momin

iGroce is a cross-shopping and order fulfilment platform, by which grocery orders are delivered to local pickup stations.

Third Place ($2,000): Zenditt
Team: Joël Kapongo, Arash Marzi

A free, simplified email client to organize and manage multiple email accounts. Zenditt generates its revenue with discreet click-through advertising and data mining for email marketers.

2013 Launching Entrepreneurs (LE-PEI) Winner

The first Launching Entrepreneurs competition wrapped up in September 2013 with Martin Krátky-Katz as the winner. His business, MicroMetrics (, offers a mobile platform using tablets at the point of sale so that merchants can easily collect reliable and accurate customer feedback data. Customers are incented on the spot to participate with immediate discounts on their purchases. The result is a customer engagement rate that is up to 10 times greater than the industry average.

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