Who is using the PITS?

The PITS welcomes many teams such as the uOttawa Racing Baja SAE, the uOttawa Formula, the Concrete Toboggan and the uOttawa Supermileage Team. All of these teams represented the university at diverse international competition during the 2016 season.

Opportunities for teams

By joining a team or creating a new one, you will be able  to expand your knowledge beyond the classroom and get a practical hands-on experience that all employers want! You will also have an opportunity to network with mentors, industry and other students while having lots of fun!

uOttawa Supermileage Team

SAE Supermilage

The Supermileage Team has the goal to design and build a super-fuel efficient prototype car. To do so, the team has to focus on every elements and make sure that they are the most efficient possible. The teams uses a custom engine and transmission as well as composite like carbon fiber to produce the lightest car possible. At the competitions, the teams are judged based on their fuel autonomy as well as their technical report.

This year, the Supermileage Team had the chance to participate for the first time to the Shell Eco-marathon where they ranked 16th out of 128 registered teams. The team also accomplished an autonomy of 870 miles/gallon at the Supermileage SAE Competition which put the team at the 5th position.

uOttawa Racing Baja SAE

SAE Baja Members

The uOttawa Racing Baja SAE team is mainly composed of mechanical engineering students. They have to design and build an off–road race car for the international Baja SAE competition. The teams are judged based on safety, cost, design, innovation, and driving trials.

After a year of conception, the team passed the technical inspection and the design presentation which allowed them to compete in all the rolling events. The most important challenge is a four hours endurance race.

Formula uOttawa

SAE Formula members

This year, the university was represented for the first time at a Formula competition. The idea behind the competition is for individual universities to field a fictional company to design, build, and race a small open wheel race car for amateur autocross competitions. Teams are judged upon dynamic and static events, where the static portion focuses on design and marketing, while the dynamic portion focuses on racing.

Since it was the first season for the uOttawa Formula team this year, they did not know what to expect. They were excited to have the chance to be the first team from uOttawa at the Formula SAE Competition in Barrie, Ontario. Without experience, but a lot of devotion and a strong team, they are proud of what they have accomplished this year and are excited for the next seasons.

Concrete Toboggan

Concrete Toboggan members

The goal is to design, construct, and race a toboggan with a sliding surface made of concrete. Toboggans must be under 300 pounds and carry five riders. Toboggans must have a braking system, steering system, and roll cage. By building the toboggan, the students have the opportunity to gain technical experience in concrete design, steel design, construction safety, and lab techniques

Each year, there is the Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race which was hosted by the University of Ottawa last winter. At the competition, there are many events which include a “King of the Hill” head-to-head elimination speed contest, and a slalom track. In 2015, the uOttawa team completed the slalom track with the fastest time, securing them the “Best Steering Performance” award.

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