Resources and Tools

workshop materials

The Manufacturing Training Centre (MTC) is equipped with a range of tools from the simple to the powerful.

Manufacturing Tools & Equipment’s Manuals

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  • Craftex CX611 Milling Machines
  • Craftex CX601 Milling Machine
  • Craftex CX706 Lathes
  • King Industrial 17” Drill Press
  • King Industrial 7x12 Horizontal Bandsaw
  • King Industrial 17” Variable Speed Vertical Bandsaws
  • Large Layout tables with layout tools
  • Sheet Metal Brake
  • Sheet Metal Foot Sheer
  • Sheet Metal Hand Sheer
  • Sheet Metal Corner Notcher
  • Sheet Metal Spot Welder

Other Materials

Safety Equipment

Safety Goggles are mandatory in all workspaces! You can purchase them at the store indicated below or any location of your choosing. They must be CSA approved or similar standard. In addition, though it is not mandatory in some cases you may want to wear a lab coat to protect your clothing from dirt’s and oils in some applications.  Both these items can also be purchased from most first year lab spaces in the science department.

Measuring Tools

Most projects require some form of measurement to ensure the fabricated parts are to an expected tolerance. These measuring tools seen bellow can be useful for most basic applications of inspection and measurement in most shops. Depending on the project and your individual needs you may wish to look in to other items.

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