Resources and Tools

Students in a workshop

The Brunsfield Centre is equipped with a range of tools from the simple to powerful. Please see the examples below to get an idea of the types of things that each tool can make. We encourage you to come talk to us about what you are trying to build and we will be happy to point you to the appropriate equipment and will help you to get trained.

The Brunsfield Centre will continue to grow and more equipment will be included in the Centre.

Manufacturing Tools & Equipment’s Manuals:

22" King Drill Press
Craftex CX103 Horizontal Bandsaw
Craftex CX100 Vertical Bandsaw
Delta Wood Bandsaw
Spot Welder
Pneumatic Tube Bender
Hardinge Tool Room Lathe
Craftex CX601 Mill
Tormach 1100 PCNC
King MIG Welder
Miller TIG Welder
Plasma/Oxy-Acetyne CNC Torch Cutter

Materials Resources

When working in a machine shop or work space the right tools are a necessity. Though the shops provide students with the basic tools listed below some may want to purchase their own tools and equipment. If you are interested in purchasing your own equipment and do not know where to start looking, please see the bellow guide. These are suggested items at a reasonable economical price point, all from the same location. Most similar tools from other locations may do for your needs.

Safety Equipment

Safety Goggles are mandatory in all workspaces! You can purchase them at the store indicated below or any location of your choosing. They must be CSA approved or similar standard. In addition, though it is not mandatory in some cases you may want to wear a lab coat to protect your clothing from dirt’s and oils in some applications.  Both these items can also be purchased from most first year lab spaces in the science department.

Safety Goggles (Wrap-Around)
Safety Goggles (Square-Fit)

Measuring Tools

Most projects require some form of measurement to ensure the fabricated parts are to an expected tolerance. These measuring tools seen bellow can be useful for most basic applications of inspection and measurement in most shops. Depending on the project and your individual needs you may wish to look in to other items.

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