Brunsfield Center

About the Centre

Think big, build bigger

The Brunsfield Centre at the Faculty of Engineering is a dedicated facility that provides engineering students with the space, tools and equipment to design, fabricate, and test complex prototypes.

Some of these prototypes involve the precompetitive teams such as concrete canoes and toboggans, energy-efficient cars, autonomous airplanes, and helicopters and submarines. The Centre is also available to those engineering students working on projects leading to start-ups. Properly trained students employed by the Faculty ensure appropriate supervision and oversight during the hours of operation of the Centre.

The Brunsfield Centre was established in 2010 thanks to a generous donation from Tan Sri Dato' Dr Ir Gan Thian Leong, Founder and Managing Director of the Brunsfield Group of Companies headquartered in Malaysia. Dr. Gan is a civil engineering alumnus of the Faculty; he received the Faculty’s Alumni Award of Excellence in 2008, and he was granted an honorary doctorate degree by the University at the Spring 2009 Convocation Ceremony.

Engineering students engaged in student competitions or entrepreneurial activities are encouraged to use the Centre.

Using Brunsfield

The Brunsfield Centre is a shared space, open to students, Faculty and Staff at the Faculty of Engineering. You are expected to:

  1. Clean up after yourself.
  2. Be courteous, helpful, and respectful to your peers.
  3. Each machine has material restrictions and training requirements that you will have to satisfy before using it. If in doubt, please ask.

What Equipment Do We Have?

The Brunsfield Centre consists of a large room (open concept) and a ventilated paint/molding room.
We specialize in traditional machine shop equipment such as drill press, mills and Lathe.

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All Engineering undergraduate and graduate students are welcome. We do not charge to use the equipment.

Where are We Located?

We are located at 200 Lees, room A139, a short distance south of the University’s main campus.

Hours Of Operation

Wednesdays and Saturdays
12 pm to 8 pm

613-562-5800 x 7076

2016 Design Showcase November 4

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Equipment Training

Interested in equipment training? Visit the MTC

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