The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Engineering Design (CEED)

CEED focuses on improving design, entrepreneurship education and the student experience at the Faculty of Engineering by fostering:

  • Engineering design depth: providing students with opportunities throughout their studies to design, build and test products that meet customer needs
  • Customer awareness: integrating customer discovery and validation in the design engineering process
  • Business acumen: introducing students to essential business concepts and exposing them to industry
  • Experiential learning opportunities with industry: offering design and prototyping services and commercialization of technologies

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An entrepreneurial mindset is essential for every design engineer who seeks to develop innovative products, as well as for anyone wishing to succeed as an intrapreneur or entrepreneur.

Hanan Anis

Technological intra/entrepreneurship aims at teaching engineers to be better agents of change, either within existing organizations or through new ventures.

Entrepreneurship, both social and for profit, is relevant to all engineering disciplines and—through its integration with design engineering—is an important differentiator for our students.

Here at the Faculty of Engineering, we are focused on developing an entrepreneurial mind set in all our students

Hanan Anis
NSERC Chair in Entrepreneurial Engineering Design, Professor, and Faculty Coordinator in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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