Kenton White


Kenton White
Adjunct Professor

41 York St. 4th Floor

Office: 613 851 8485

Work E-mail:

Kenton White


I have built a career at the intersection between the Physical & the Social Sciences. My training is in Physics and Applied Mathematics, and for the first few years of my career I built a strong reputation in the Quantum Electronics research field.

in 2006 I left that comfortable area of study to apply the rigorous techniques I learned as a Physicist to problems in the Social Sciences -- problems that have always fascinated me.

I have built two successful companies – Distil Interactive, which assessed how people learn (sold to Canadian Standards Association in 2009) and Girih, which provides anonymized market research from Social Media.

My current research interests are Graph Sampling, Text Mining, and Forecasting with Social Data. I am fortunate that my business success allows me to continue research as an Adjunct Professor and lend my industrial expertise to academic projects.

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