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The software engineering program emphasizes innovation, teamwork and CO-OP experience. Participation in the CO-OP program is part of the curriculum and allows for the development of practical and solution-driven thinking. Students in this program can leverage their work experience and form teams to create real applications for their final year project, and some even start their own companies. They learn how to apply engineering principles—including rapid prototyping, requirements analysis, system modelling, design, implementation, testing and project management—to develop software.

Why uOttawa Software Engineering?


Every student admitted to the undergraduate Software Engineering program is now admitted to the CO-OP program, a newly mandatory component of the program. Get an exciting job at a startup like Shopify, in a big company like IBM, at the Federal Government or even in a company.

Students coming from a French immersion education may pursue their undergraduate studies in Software Engineering in our Extended French Stream program. If you are admitted and take at least two courses a semester in French, you qualify for the French Studies Bursary, $1000/year. 

Admitted students can complete the entire Software Engineering program taking either French or English classes. uOttawa Software Engineering is the only software engineering program in Canada that is completely bilingual.

Add an option in Computing Technology or Engineering Management and Entrepreneurship to your Software Engineering program.

Our Software Engineering program is accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board and the Canadian Information Processing Society. As one of the first three Software Engineering programs in Canada, we have helped standardize the guidelines for software engineering curriculum developed by the ACM and IEEE, the leading associations in our domain.

What Do Software Engineers Do?

  • E-commerce and cloud computing (e.g., Amazon.com, eBay, Dropbox, Google)
  • Financial management (e.g., banks, Wall Street)
  • Vehicle control (e.g., air traffic control systems, autonomous driving)
  • Telecommunications (e.g., video-on-demand, smartphone and tablet applications)
  • Entertainment (e.g., rich content applications for the Internet, games)
  • Healthcare (e.g., patient flow management systems, electronic medical records, personal health coach apps)

Career opportunities include: Software engineer, Systems architect, Computer security analyst, Quality assurance engineer, Video game designer, Mobile application developer, Systems analyst, User interface designer, Telecommunications engineer.

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