Kevin Kennedy


Kevin Kennedy
Professor Emeritus

Ph.D. (University of Ottawa)
M.Sc. (University of Western Ontario)
B.Sc. (University of Western Ontario)

CBY A-333A

Office: 613 562-5800 ext. 6133

Work E-mail:

Kevin Kennedy


Professor Kennedy is a graduate of University of Western Ontario (B.Sc. and M.Sc.) and University of Ottawa (Ph.D). He worked as process engineer with CIL and as a researcher at the National Research Council of Canada before joining the Department of Civil Engineering at University of Ottawa in 1992. He currently holds a cross appointment in Chemical Engineering.

Dr Kennedy's research focuses on developing strategies for studying biological treatment processes and for improving designs to optimize the removal of industrial toxins from wastewater. Several of the areas he is currently researching are biological wastewater treatment processes for industrial and recalcitrant wastes (for example, landfill leachate, aircraft deicing fluids, pulp and paper effluents and chlorinated solvents); environmental and biochemical microbiology; advanced anaerobic reactor design, optimization and application; and application of the sewer as a biological reactor.

Fields of Interest

  • Biological Waste Water treatment
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