Past winners

Design Day

2016 winners

First place: VitalTracer

  • Team: Azadeh Dastmalchi, Ali Ghorbani, Elisha Pruner & Rachel Cohen
  • The Vital Tracer is a blood pressure monitor that can integrate seamlessly into the daily lives of hypertension patients; it is easy to use, silent, painless, autonomous, and accurate.

Second place: Ejecting Print-bed for 3D-Printers

  • Team: Jeff Robinson, Isaac O’Beirn, Nick Burgel, Sam Field, Jacky Wu, Zachary O’Beirn & Neali Faravash
  • The Ejecting Print-bed for 3D-Printers is a print surface that ejects printed parts automatically upon the completion of a print.

Third place: Design of an Intelligent Underwater Robot with Flexible Thrusters

  • Team: Ali Jebelli
  • The Intelligent Underwater Robot with Flexible Thrusters features an original design approach that uses a pair of mobile thrusters to save both weight and energy.

Best entrepreneurial project: Thermal Therapy Pad

  • Team: Carlos Moreno
  • The Thermal Therapy Pad is an electronically controllable thermoelectric heating and cooling device that can raise and drop the human body temperature for medical purposes.
Entrepreneurial Idea

2016 winners

First Place Tie ($1500): D.U. Eye

  • Team: Katie Dern
  • Tying for first place, Katie’s idea is to make roads safer by tracking a driver’s eye movement and alerting drivers/parents/employers that the driver is driving in unsafe conditions.

First Place Tie ($1500): Virtual Reality Public Speech

  • Team: Elad Tzemach
  • Elad’s idea, which shared the top spot, helps people to overcome stage fright during interviews and public speaking situations using virtual reality.

Third Place ($500): AR Fashionista

  • Team: Elisha Pruner
  • Elisha developed an application that helps small businesses market their fashion online through virtual and augmented reality.

2015 winners

First Place ($2000): Helping hand

  • Team: Kristina Djukic, Marina Busigin and Remi Landry Yuan
  • The first-place winner was Helping hand – offers an innovative and affordable solution against decrease muscle strength in the hand by providing users with prosthetic 3D hands.

Second Place ($1000): Cutz

  • Team: Michael Pawly, Mark Mrotz and Andre Bouzout
  • Cutz is an online platform that connects customers to independent hairstylists for a convenient and inexpensive experience.

Third Place ($250): Let’s learn app

  • Team: Midia Shikh Hassan and Richard Appiah-Kubi
  • Let’s learn mobile application supplements autistic children with innovative learning and communications skills.

Third Place ($250): Crystal ball VR

  • Team: Ben Norris, Zhengyuan Zhao and Mohammad Asad Ahmed
  • A digital media company that specializes in virtual reality. Crystal ball VR uses GoPro Technology to create rich 360-degree video and photography.
Entrepreneurship Concepts

2017 winners

First place: Thawrih

  • Team: Sarah Abood, Christopher Elten and Sami Dabliz
  • Thawrih knows first-hand the misrepresentation and disadvantage that consumers who wear the turban and hijab face in the athletic industry. Thawrih creates an environment of unity and comfort by providing unconventional workout gear, such as sports turbans, sports hijabs and modest workout clothing.

Second place: kVibe

  • Team: Jennifer Vo and Kevin Gatera
  • ​​​​​​​Pelvic floor dysfunction is one of the most pressing issues in women’s health today. The pelvic floor is a layer of muscles that supports the pelvic organs. When it is weakened or damaged, the only thing supporting the pelvic organs are the tendons and ligaments which will be stretched and damaged over time; this can result in incontinence, pelvic pain, and prolapse. The kVibe addresses these problems through mechatronic components, a phone app, and machine learning so you can use it online and offline.

Third place: Civli

  • ​​​​​​​Team: Gabriel Tapuc
  • ​​​​​​​Civli is a mobile platform that lets citizens conveniently submit 311 (non- urgent) city issues with ease.

2016 winners


2015 winners

First place: Enplex - $5,000 prize

The group has developed microchip-equipped bracelets that are triggered by the motion of a handshake. The team also created a phone app which keeps a record of each meeting and sends the data to the users’ phones via Bluetooth. Team Enplex consists of Cedric Eveleigh and Francis Lefebvre.

Second place: eCelery - $3,000 prize

Their project was inspired by a friend with gluten sensitivity who was looking to network with others suffering from the same issues. The team is working to create a space to discuss these issues and to share and store recipes. Mathieu Jobin and Cyril Moukarzel make up the eCelery team.

Third place: Insomnia Skis - $2,000

This project is the vision of Adam J. Bodner, who hopes to expand his garage-based custom ski business onto the web. Fitzgerald Akhibi and Adam Badner make up the Insomnia Skis team.

2014 winners

First place ($5,000): DroneSafe

  • Team: William Benn, Charles Blouin, Uchechi Ironkwe, Theophilus Tettey
  • The first-place winner was DroneSafe – a quiet, compact and robust aerial drone intended for use by tactical teams for discreet reconnaissance in dangerous situations, and for military use.

Second place ($3,000): iGroce

  • Team: Mohammad Mohsen Badv, Chidi Augustine Ibeson, Pei Wuen Kee, Anil Momin
  • iGroce is a cross-shopping and order fulfilment platform, by which grocery orders are delivered to local pickup stations.

Third Place ($2,000): Zenditt

  • Team: Joël Kapongo, Arash Marzi
  • A free, simplified email client to organize and manage multiple email accounts. Zenditt generates its revenue with discreet click-through advertising and data mining for email marketers.

2013 winners

The first Launching Entrepreneurs competition wrapped up in September 2013 with Martin Krátky-Katz as the winner. His business, MicroMetrics (, offers a mobile platform using tablets at the point of sale so that merchants can easily collect reliable and accurate customer feedback data. Customers are incented on the spot to participate with immediate discounts on their purchases. The result is a customer engagement rate that is up to 10 times greater than the industry average.

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