BASc in Chemical Engineering | 2016-2017 Course Sequence

Note that although the course codes may appear in both languages (English/French), the courses in French are not offered at every semester. Also note that courses with fewer than ten (10) registrants will be cancelled.

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1st YEAR
(30 credits)
CHM1311 | Principles of Chemistry
ENG1112 | Technical Report Writing
GNG1105 | Engineering Mechanics
GNG1106 | Fundamentals of Engineering Computation
MAT1320 | Calculus I
CHG1125 | Chemical Engineering Fundamentals
CHM1321 | Organic Chemistry I
MAT1322 | Calculus II
MAT1341 | Introduction to Linear Algebra    
PHY1122 | Fundamentals of Physics II
2nd YEAR
(36 credits)
CHG2312 | Fluid Flow    
CHG2317 | Introduction to Chemical Process  Analysis and Design
CHM2120 | Organic Chemistry II    
MAT2322 | Calculus III for Engineers
MAT2384 | Ordinary Differential Equations and Numerical Methods
PHI2394 | Scientific Thought and Social Values
HIS2129 (Winter)
Complementary Elective
HIS2129 | Technology, Society and Environment since 1800
PHI2394 (Fall)
CHG2314 | Heat Transfer Operations
CHM2330 | Physical Chemistry: Introduction to the Molecular Properties of Matter        
ECO1192 | Engineering Economics
GNG2101 | Introduction to product development & Management for Eng. and CS
MAT2377 | Probability and Statistics for Engineers
Complementary Elective
3rd YEAR
(33 credits)
CHG3316 | Transport Phenomena
CHG3324 | Fundamentals and Applications of Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
CHG3331 | Application of Mathematical Methods to Chemical Engineering    
CHG3335 | Process Control
CHG3337 | Data Collection and Interpretation
Technical Elective
CHG3111 | Unit Operations
CHG3112 | Process Synthesis, Design and Economics
CHG3122 | Chemical Engineering Practice
CHG3127 | Chemical Reaction Engineering
CHG3326 | Principles of Phase Equilibria and Chemical Reaction Equilibria
4th YEAR
(33 credits)
CHG4116 | Chemical Engineering Laboratory
CHG4305 | Advanced Materials in Chemical Engineering
CHG4343 | Computer-Aided Design in Chemical Engineering
CHG4381 | Biochemical Engineering
CHG4900 | Thesis and Seminars
Two Technical Electives
CHG4244 | Plant Design Project (6 credits)
CHG4307 | Clean Processes and Sustainable Development
GNG4170 | Engineering Law
Technical Elective
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