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Centre mentorat - Mentorship Center

Just started university? Have plenty of questions on your mind and don’t know who to ask them to?

Having difficulties adjusting to the university life? Then you came to the right place.

What is the Engineering Mentorship Program?

The main purpose of this program is to support students in their studies and with their transition to the university life. The mentor helps students by guiding them and answering their questions.

Any student at the Faculty of Engineering can use this service. And, best of all, this service is completely free of charge.

What is a mentor?

Most importantly, a mentor is a student like you. The mentor is actually a 4th year student from the Faculty of Engineering who has been in the same position as you are. Therefore the mentor understands your difficulties and can suggest solutions for them. The mentor is a good listener and is at your disposal to provide the support needed to succeed in your studies.

How can I use the service?

Examples of questions/subjects asked by the students:

  • How can I increase my grade point average?
  • How do I improve my study skills?
  • Where can I find the service X on campus?
  • What do I need to include in a weekly calendar?
  • Where can I find used books?

First year student and need help?

Attend one of our study-group sessions. Or attend an Exam Review Session later in the term. 

One-On-One Mentoring Sessions

Need to improve your study skills (e.g., concentration, exam preparation, memorization, time management, stress management, etc.)?  You can drop by between 10:00 and 17:30 to consult one of our leaders.

How to reach us?

Room: STE 2040

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