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Glinski Award for Excellence in Research

The Award for excellence in research is named after Professor George Glinski from the Department of Electrical Engineering. He was the co-founder of Computing Devices of Canada (1948), which grew into one of Canada’s first publicly traded, export-oriented technology companies that produced such spin-offs as Northern Electric (NORTEL), Gandalf Technologies and Leigh Instruments.

Dr. Glinski exemplified the role of the true research in engineering combining discovery and actual delivery of productHe is widely considered to be the father of high-technology in Canada.The George Glinski Award is intended to recognize contributions to research which have earned distinction for the researcher and for the Faculty through creative scholarship in any engineering field. 

Majid Mohammadian receives George S. Glinski Award for Excellence in Research — 2018

Majid Mohammadian smiling

The Faculty is pleased to announce this year’s recipient of the Glinski Award for Excellence in Research, Professor Majid Mohammadian. Since joining the Department of Civil Engineering in 2009, Professor Mohammadian has rapidly distinguished himself as a researcher and as an engineer.

Several letters of recommendation highlighted Professor Mohammadian’s widespread recognition, and the strength of his research within the field of civil engineering. In his time at the University of Ottawa, he has established an impressive research program; he procured research grants of over $2.4 million from various funding sources to study high performance computational methods and mixing processes.

Early establishment of his research program has generated exceptional research productivity. Professor Mohammadian has at present a total of 54 journal papers published in high quality refereed journals, including papers published in journals such as the Journal of Fluid Mechanics and the Journal of Computational Physics. Of these papers, 40 have been published in the past 5 years, which is astonishing for an emerging scholar. Most of these papers have been first-authored by graduate students under his supervision, which is an indication of the quality of his supervision. Additionally, Professor Mohammadian has supervised 6 Ph.D. students, 16 Master’s students and 2 post-doctoral fellows; his students have received several research awards.

By evidence of his performance as a researcher, the committee has determined Professor Mohammadian a highly deserving candidate of the Glinski Award.


J.V. Marsh Award for Excellence in Teaching

The objective of the award is to focus attention on teaching in the Faculty of Engineering by recognizing annually one of its members for outstanding contributions to university teaching.

Magdi Mohareb receives the 2018 Faculty of Engineering J.V. Marsh Award for Excellence in Teaching

Magdi Mohareb

The Faculty is pleased to announce this year’s recipient of the Faculty of Engineering J.V. Marsh Award for Excellence in Teaching, Professor Magdi Mohareb. Since joining the University of Ottawa in 2000, Dr. Mohareb has established himself as an exceptional professor in the Civil Engineering department.

Due to his exceptional course evaluation scores, Dr. Mohareb has received six letters of commendation from the Dean for excellence in teaching, as well as three letters from Dr. Colin Rennie, the Civil Engineering Department Chair. These letters were issued when all students in a given course evaluated Dr. Mohareb as an excellent or a good teacher.

Since 2000, Dr. Mohareb has delivered courses in both English and French. As graduate coordinator for 7.5 years, he proposed and delivered a mandatory graduate seminar series for MASc and PhD students to give them an opportunity to practice and improve their oral presentation skills.

Dr. Mohareb has supervised 12 fourth year capstone engineering design projects. He has graduated 8 Ph.D. students and 18 Master’s students. Remarkably, five of the Ph.D. theses and five of the M.A.Sc. theses he supervised were nominated for awards. He is currently supervising an additional four Ph.D. and two post-doctoral students.

By evidence of his outstanding course evaluations and his strong commitment to student success, the committee has determined that Professor Mohareb is a highly deserving candidate for the Faculty of Engineering J.V. Marsh Award for Excellence in Teaching.

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